Sunday, December 16, 2007

Taliban Behead 7-year-old and Grandmother

Another Muslim extremist beheading

The Taliban demonstrates what happens when they are in charge of an area.

More news for those insist that the War in Afghanistan impinges on the 'traditional ways of the people living there'.

Taliban militants have beheaded an old woman and her grandson accused of spying for the US military, officials said.

The shocking executions took place in Uruzgan's Dihrawud district, said provincial police chief, Juma Gul Himat. The militants accused the woman of spying for government and NATO forces.

Militants stopped the pair yesterday as they were walking to their home in south-central Uruzgan province, Himat told AFP.

"Our investigations and findings from the area say they were accused of spying and were shot in front of other people," he said, adding the boy was aged seven.

He said they had been accused of "spying for Americans."

One other account speaks of the doomed pair "being beheaded", but doesn't mention if it happened before or after they were killed.

Taliban hanging around waiting for another victim

There was no reported independent confirmation of the police account.

The incident came as a civilian car hit a freshly planted land mine in southern Afghanistan, killing six people and wounding six others.

The blast ripped through the car as it traveled on a road outside the town of Tirin Kot, in Uruzgan province, a ministry statement said.

"This mine was possibly planted by the enemy," it said. Afghan officials refer to the Taliban and other militants as "the enemy."

Militants usually attack foreign and Afghan troops with mines and other roadside bombs, but most of the victims in such attacks have been civilians.

The incidents follow a Monday roadside blast on a NATO convoy in eastern Afghanistan that killed two soldiers and wounded three others, the alliance said in a statement.

Some people say the 'ancient ways are best'.

Tell that to a grandmother and her 7-year-old grandson, their heads now separated from their bodies.

by Mondoreb
Source: Taliban Behead Grandmother and Grandson, 7


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