Friday, January 11, 2008

Buddy Holly's Widow Threatens To Muzzle Peggy Sue

Widow of the late great rock n roll star, Buddy Holly, has threatened to sue "Peggy Sue".

According to the AP, Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, is incensed over a memoir written by Peggy Sue Gerron, subject of the famous Holly song, "Peggy Sue".

The book is based on the friendship between Holly and Gerron. Maria Holly contends Holly never considered Peggy Sue a friend even though he wrote two songs about Ms. Gerron, "Peggy Sue" and "Peggy Sue Got Married."
"I wanted to give him his voice. It's my book, my memoirs," she said from Tyler where her publishing company held a news conference Friday defending Gerron's right to write her biography. "We were very, very good friends. He was probably one of the best friends I ever had." Source - AP
Buddy and Maria were married in August of 1958. Holly died Feb. 3rd, 1959. Maria "owns" her husband's name, image, and related trademarks. In short, a cash cow that keeps on giving.

Maria's attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter last week to Peggy Sue.
The letter demands the ceasing of promotion and sale of the book, removal of the subtitle and cancellation of all book orders. It also asks for refunds on any deposits for the book and for an accounting of revenues from any sales.
We're not sure how that works, "owning" someone's name. Does this preclude Peggy Sue from writing her own memoirs, memoirs that include someone whose name and image are "owned" by someone else?

Buddy Holly sang "Peggy Sue, I love you," but his widow is singing a different tune.

Peggy Sue, we love you too.

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