Friday, January 11, 2008

Eighth Annual Bloggies: A Last Hour Appeal

Is there any other kind?

Like Jerry Lewis on his Labor Day telethon, DBKP is issuing a last hour appeal.

For your good will.

For your help.

For your vote.

The Eighth Annual Bloggies closes their nominations at 10 PM today (Friday).

We're nominated in three catagories: Best Humorous Blog, Best Political Blog and Best New Blog.

You can only nominate (vote) once; if you've already done that, well--accept our heartfelt thanks!

That'll have to do: we already lost our firstborn during a bad streak in a poker game.

IF YOU HAVEN'T, take a few minutes (it will take you 2-3 minutes) to help our cause.

Namely, us.

But remember the good feeling you get when you help someone out? You'll get that same feeling here (maybe) and let THAT be your reward.

Handy instructions are below. If you're like most of us here, you won't read them. But, it will make it so much easier and simpler if you do.

Unless you enjoy swearing.

Here's the low-down:

1 Go over the the 2008 Eighth Annual Bloggies nomination webpage.

This nomination thing is open until this Friday, January 11 at 10 am. If you're like us, you might want to do it now. Or you'll forget. Or something more important will come up, like paying a bill or fixing something to go with the last two Oreos.

2 Scroll down to the categories. DBKP is nominated in three categories, as best we can tell. They are, in order going down the page:
a - Best Weblog about Politics
b - Most Humorous Weblog
c - Best New Weblog

3 You have to enter our name:

[Death By 1000 Papercuts] and the URL


We have thoughtfully put them in #3 here for your cut-and-paste convenience. Ours too.

NOTE: You have to nominate 3 different blogs while you are there for the nomination to count. Think of 2 other blogs to nominate.
Your friends, our friends. Hopefully, not in our categories, but what the heck.

4 You have to type in the 2 CAPTCHA words. Those are those annoying letters and numbers that insure that you are a human, although most humans frequently get them as wrong as any spambot.

5 You then have to enter your email address.

6 Hit the "Submit Your Nominations!" button.

7 You will then get an email and you have to click on the address in your email to verify your nominations.

Time is short.

Time flies.

Time marches on.

10 am. Just a few more hours and nominations will be closed.

You'll forever lose your chance to say, "You know, back in '08, I helped that there weird bunch at MDBS or KMFDM or whatever they call themselves."

So take a moment of your most precious time.

"You Can Make the World a Better Place"

[Hello. My name is Mondoreb and I approved this message.]

by Mondoreb

People upon whose shoulders I stand: Little Baby Ginn, RidesAPaleHorse, Luscious P, Trench Reynolds, Blanca DeBree, Babba Zee and all our readers.
[images: campaign last-ditch appeal dept.]

[NOTE: Ok, we also might take a moment to tell you that the following blogs always show us great love and affection and you should consider them too.

Besides, they'll all really keen.

* Blanca DeBree Blog
* Crime
* Cripes Suzette!
* Doug Ross @Journal
* Little Green Footballs
* My Crime Space
* Wake Up America
* Any or all of the Trench Network on the left sidebar.
--I know we left people out. I apologize in advance. The time just passed so quickly.


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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