Friday, January 18, 2008

Human-Animal Embryo Research Gets Approval to Begin in Britain

"O brave new world
That hath such people in't!"


The story in the Times was matter-of-fact.

What was considered the stuff of science fiction and horror films only years ago will now get the government stamp of approval.
Experiments to create Britain’s first embryos that combine human and animal material will begin within months after a government watchdog gave its approval yesterday to two research teams to carry out the controversial work.

Scientists at King’s College London, and the University of Newcastle will inject human DNA into empty eggs from cows to create embryos known as cytoplasmic hybrids, which are 99.9 per cent human in genetic terms.

As always, the possible cure of some dread disease will be held out as the justification of it all.

The experiments are intended to provide insights into diseases such as Parkinson’s and spinal muscular atrophy by producing stem cells containing genetic defects that contribute to these conditions. These will be used as cell models for investigating new approaches to treatment, and to improve the understanding of how embryonic stem cells develop.

The reactions to the Times' article was as could be expected.

Most were not happy at this once-random "Act of God" being usurped by man.

"Why not just merge a human and a jackal to create the anti-christ and be done with it."
--Louis, Arlington, VA

"Barbarous. Unspeakably vile. H.G. Wells' 'Island of Doctor Moreau' has become a reality. God help us all."
--Bosco, Bantry, Ireland

The Times went on to say.
Some critics of cybrid embryos have argued that their use is no longer necessary, given the recent development of a reprogramming technique that can turn back the clock on adult tissue to make “induced pluripotent” stem cells with embryo-like properties, but the HFEA licence committee rejected this.

And their readers went on to say.

"This is an OBSCENE TRAVESTY!!! This has NOTHING to do with "science". There should be stiff international penalties for this kind of work!

To say this is for the "betterment of mankind" is, in itself a disgusting and inexcuseable vanity!

This should be a crime and those "scientists" who engage in this kind of "research" should receive maximum punishment for their crimes against God, humanity and nature.

Pssshhh, If god was very, very annoyed, he'd have toasted us all a long time ago. He's just chilling up there, watching us like a sitcom. I bet we're hilarious."
--Dan, USA,

"Its been being done for years. They have just gotten good enough at it now to go public. You are already riding the bus with hybrids. God is very, very annoyed."
--Escapee, Oak Ridge,

"Egads! We can now rename the British Isles the Isles of Dr. Moreau."
--DavidC, Middletown,

"And I though the "The Island of Dr. Moreau" was far fetched when I read it as a kid. I have to admit that the whole thing sounds like a bad idea to me. I just hope there are no bad consequences."
--Pete, New York City, USA

"Armageddon is right around the corner."
--Jasper, Seattle, Washington

"Why in the world would anyone want to do research like this? paging Dr. Frankenstein!"
--Kathleen, Sacramento, California, USA

"it looks to me like the island Dr. Moreau. Yup, it's going to be that, the Matrix and Planet of the Apes all rolled up in one.

there is a saying is easier to destroy than to create. these people may not be happy with there own existance."
--luis, new york,

"Somewhere in some secret lab, there probably already exists a pathetic half human/animal."
--Tom, Washington, DC, US

"Will it taste like chicken?"
--Jeff, Austin, Tx

"Come on people, this is nothing new. We've been performing human sacrifice for thousands of years. It's just a new god, and a lab instead of an altar."
--Think, Holland,

Of course, the smart set will deride anyone who questions this as a "caveman" hoping to set back the cause of "progress" and "science".

Where once the Bible was held up to unthinking masses as proof something was right, good and necessary, now "Science" takes its place.

And this is only the beginning.

by mondoreb
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* Animal-human embryo research is approved


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