Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Man Made Climate Change: More Sobering Evidence from Around the World

"[The] climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly".
--Al Gore, in Switzerland

"The snow, the worst in a decade in many places, has hit most of China since Jan. 12, leaving homes collapsed, power blackouts, highways closed and crops destroyed."
--Chinese weather agency

While Al Gore was in Switzerland, trying to raise the alarm on global warming, the forces of man-made climate change turned deadly in China.

Environmentalists continue to warn those who raise a deaf ear against the catastrophic results of man-made climate change.

The Earth's future hangs in the very balance.

For those who will not listen, more gloomy climate news is as near as their local newspaper.
China’s prime minister rushed south from the capital to show his concern for millions of travellers stranded by snowstorms and blizzards, only to fall victim himself to the worst winter weather in China for half a century.

The extreme weather is now thought to have killed more than 50 people after two buses crashed today.

As if this sad news of the results of mankind's continued use of fossil fuels wasn't enough, there was additional startling news closer to home.
A freak snowstorm has hit British Columbia, causing at least one death, with chaos in some areas and outages in others.

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority was last night attempting to restore normal electricity service to 2,500 customers in Maple Ridge who were affected when a fire engine flipped over and ruptured a power line.

In the U.S., Gore's climate theories might finally get the respect they deserve as Los Angeles fell victim to man's climate madness.
Despite the normal prevailing winds, 80-degree temperatures, and relentless sunshine a localized freak snowstorm hit the heart of Los Angeles producing intermittent limited visibility and occasional measurable accumulation. Residents were completely surprised by the unusual patterns and local forecasters could find no explanation or record of similar occurrences.

The former Vice President has these sober words for a listening world yesterday.
At a session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr Gore warned that the climate crisis was worsening.

"We could take the whole session talking just about the new scientific evidence of the last few weeks and months," said Mr Gore, who shared last year's Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to fight climate change.

He added that the "climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly".

More evidence for "climate change deniers" to ponder as they seek to obstruct Gore's plans of more taxes and regulations to counter the menace that threatens the entire world.

John McCain, running for president on the Republican ticket, is one of the few candidates who has tried to address the coming disaster that is global warming. McCain agrees that the U.S. isn't doing enough to stop this ecological time bomb.

Al Gore isn't kidding.

Time is running out.

Will no one do something?

by Mondoreb
images: RidesAPaleHorse;schooltube
* 50 dead as snowstorm chaos hits China
* 500,000 Still Stranded in Guangzhou
* Freak Snowstorm Hits BC
* Freak Snowstorm Hits LA


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