Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Hampshire Polling Problems

You Racist Bastards!

It turns out that the polling information about the New Hampshire primary was not wrong. It was the voters who were wrong. It wasn't flawed methodologies or undecided voters, it was racism. You see, whenever the polling turns out to be wrong, it is inevitably the fault of racist pigs. And we all know how racist New Hampshire is.

Please don't get confused. It wasn't racism when the polls got it wrong in 2004. That was just everyone's super duper love for Commander Guy. And it wasn't racism in 2006. That was everyone just voting for a change--albeit a confused, drug-induced vote for change.

But in New Hampshire, it was racism, pure and simple. What evidence do I have other than Chris Matthews' man crushes and rants? Well, let's just take a look at the facts.

New Hampshire is almost 97% white.
Only 1% of New Hampshire is Jewish.
New Hampshire is home to the White Mountains.
The capital of New Hampshire is Concord. The Concorde was a white jet.
The largest city in New Hampshire is Manchester. Melissa Manchester is a white singer.
The highest point in New Hampshire is Mt. Washington. Washington owned slaves.
The McDonald's brothers were from New Hampshire. Black people love McDonalds. They get fat and die. McDonald's hates black people.

The evidence is overwhelming. Barack Obama lost in New Hampshire not because 20% of the electorate was undecided, but because those cross-burning, black-hating, lynching-loving bastards of New Hampshire couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Negro.

I hope you're proud of yourself, New Hampshire!

New Hampshire State Fair

by Blanca DeBree
[images: Blancasphere;thinkorswim]
Source: You Racist Bastards!

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