Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DBKP Political History: BooBama

Tales of the Blancasphere

Back at the end of October, the headlines screamed of Barack Obama and one Donnie McClurkin, who was touring with the Democrat hopeful.

"Obama Touring with Gay Basher, Donnie McClurkin"

"Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour and Do it Now"

Obama Plays to Anti-Gay Sentiment"

The hysteria was, as junior high kids say, "gay".

Never mind that McClurkin was a man of the gospel and the gospels would usually be decried as "gay bashing"--there were headlines to write.

There were also men of the gospel--and the presidential candidates who loved them--to bash.

It got better--or worse, depending on your point of view. This item next caught straight and queer eye alike.

Obama issues 3-page memo defending gay-basher spokesman, explaining that McClurkin has no problem with "happy" gays...

Happy gays?

Talk about the Department of Redundancy Department.

Okay, enough of the filling-in.

Blanca took a stand when all this was happening back in October.

For your edification.


I don't know that all the commotion is about. So many people seem shocked that Barack Hussein Obama would be siding with a former- homo- homophobic homophobe. This is just normal for Negroes.

Haven't you ever seen a Three Stooges short from the 1930's? Every time a Negro sees a ghost, his hair stands on end and he starts to shake. I guess that is what happened to Don King and Mohammad Ali.

Being scared of ghosts is just like being scared of homos. In fact, during the pilot of Scooby Doo, the kids unmask a Republican Senator trying to have sex with Shaggy in an airport bathroom.

Hilarious stuff.

I also heard that the original concept of Snakes on a Plane was the cast of the now-canceled Queer Eye escape from their queer containers in the cargo hold and attack the crew and passengers, giving several a make over and others a blistering critique.

So layoff Mr. Saddam Obama.

He is just doing what our beloved Commander Guy did in 2004. By scaring the shit out of the Negroes he was able to get his support from the Black community up to a mind-blowing 7%.

Of course, after Katrina, that approval fell to 2%, which for a poll with a margin of error of ±3.4%, it meant that it was possible more blacks disapproved of Bush than were at the time alive.

Even without the whole gay-bashing, Bush once enjoyed an approval rate of 56% with blacks. Of course, that was George W. Bush's daddy. But Negroes just love Bush and bashing, unfortunately it seems that it is now not so much the gays as the Bush they bash.

Barack is just trying to recapture some of this glory.

So just lay off.

After all, what is a black guy to do when the only white chick in the room gets more support from your peeps than you do?

by Blanca DeBree
[images: citynews;blancasphere]
Source: BooBama

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