Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Someone Call CSI!

The Bhutto Assassination

Part 2 of DBKP's Prestigious Series

"Foreign Policy Views You Might Not Have Seen Elsewhere"

[NOTE: Author Marcus Wilder gave DBKP his thoughts on the Bhutto Assassination this weekend. That worked so well, we asked blogger, Blanca DeBree, to provide us with her analysis of the Bhutto Assassination and Pakistan in general.

Marcus had traveled and lived in Pakistan; Blanca has traveled and lived, also.

We're hoping Blanca contributes on a regular basis, so check out Blanca DeBree and say nice things and maybe she'll come back.

We're hoping.]

Don't they have CSI in Pakistan? It turns out that Bhutto didn't die from a bump to the noggin after all. It seems she was killed by some sort of projectile known as a bullet.

What kind of half-assed coroners do they have working in that God-forsaken hole they call a country? I mean any idiot watching a couple of episodes of CSI would know she was killed by a bullet.

Even I figured that out, not that I am dumb or anything. I think of myself as a pretty sciency gal. I mean I debunked Global Warming, Evolution, and Gravity all while sitting on the toilet.

I guess the real change of heart came after some video showed up actually showing the assassination. Damn that physical evidence! The smoking gun this time turned out to really be a smoking gun.

Who figured?

It was evidence so incontrovertible that even the Walrus couldn't deny it. But he still did. My God, no wonder Bush loves that mustachioed Paki. He lives in a bigger bubble than Commander Guy!

Which is which?
You decide

But that's what makes me love the Decider: his steadfastness.

No matter what happens, he never shakes his beliefs. No matter how much evidence piles up against it, he continues to hold on to the same tenants. No matter how many people keep getting killed based on out-dated ideas, he just clings on, like a dog humping your leg.

So we will just have to wait and see how this plays out. Elections have been postponed. Martial Law could be right around the corner. This is going to be very interesting. Just think of it as a dry run for this country.

by Blanca DeBree
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Source: Blanca DaBree Blog, Welcome to Blancasphere

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