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Trench Reynolds: DBKP The Week in Crime

January 13-20, 2008

I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.

This is the DBKP Week in Crime for January 13th-19th, 2008.

First up at craigscrimelist I didn't just editorialize this week. This week I like to think I actually made a little bit of a difference. In on case I helped a woman get help to combat harassing craigslist ads. In another I'm trying to help spread the word about stopping human trafficking on craigslist. If you're going to visit any of my posts this week please visit these two.

No blogging this week at the user generated However the story I've been following and providing links to this week were the shooting deaths of two Dekalb County, Georgia police officers Eric Barker and Ricky Bryant Jr.

Right now could use some new members. It's sort of like Digg for crime but there's no voting. all stories get to the front page. We have a great user base but right now it's not enough. If you're into crime like I am we could really use your help over there to supply us with some great crime news links. There's even an option for all users to blog about crime if they choose.

This week's theme over at News of Doom seemed to be crazy people with other people's kids. First we had the story of a man from Hawaii who threw a baby from an overpass. Then we had the woman from Massachusetts who walked her niece and nephew into oncoming traffic. It goes towards a point I've been making for the past several months that in today's society were more worried about the feelings of the dangerously insane than we are about the safety of the public.

At MyCrimeSpace I bemoaned about how pointless MySpace's new defenses for children are. The attorneys general who are patting themselves on the back should be taking a closer look at lax parents but this lax parents are voters.

Over at Psycho For Love I posted an update about teacher Kelsey Peterson. You should remember her. She was the teacher who fled to Mexico with her 13-year-old student. Her attorney argues that her victim is actually older but his passport says otherwise.

At Public Enemy: Player1 I posted about two Russian MMORPG players who took Player vs. Player to the next level. I don't know how true the story is but it still makes good copy.

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy over at Tased and Confused we have a new3 redneck joke. You might be a redneck if you steal a Taser from a cop then post the video on YouTube of you and your dad Tasing each other. Unfortunately the actual video was pulled from YouTube.

At TheTrenchcoat Chronicles I not only blog about school shooters but also criminals that fit the school shooter profile. This week I blogged about the Ron Paul of criminals, the West Memphis 3. I call them that because they have massive Internet support but in the real world not so much. A lot of people on the net think they were wrongly convicted of their crimes, I for one do not. This week not only did the Arkansas Attorney General chide the WM3 movement for leading a misleading campaign about new DNA evidence but it also seems that their movement may be becoming a house of cards.

That's it for this week. Until next week I'm Trench Reynolds, waiting, watching.

by Trench Reynolds
[image: Trench Reynolds]

[NOTE: The Week in Crime is a day late--through no fault of Trench--Ed.]

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