Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Unsafe Products: China Fights Back; Chinese Complain about Mice on a Plane

Problem solved

What to do when seemingly all your exports contain one poisonous substance or another?

If you're the Chinese, look for a silver lining.

Or a mouse in the lining of a pillow.

Or something.


China has found a defective product it can sink its teeth into--so to speak. The Chinese claim they found a few mice on a plane and is turning the story into it's own version of Mouse-gate.

The Chinese state media reported that the U.S. exported a batch of potentially harmful goods to Beijing in the form of some mice on a flight from Washington.

Chinese inspectors found eight mice, dead and alive, on a United Airlines flight to Beijing after the airline reported the stowaways to local quarantine officials upon landing on Sunday afternoon, Xinhua news agency said.

The report prompted an "emergency team" to rush to the aircraft, Xinhua said, to "put rat poison and mouse traps at every possible corner on the aircraft, including the cockpit."

"Eight mice, dead and (alive), were found at last ... hidden in pillows," the agency said.

The surviving mice were sent to labs for testing, it said.

"Experts" of 57 different varieties have scurried to weigh in on the mouse problem. Everything from warnings of fatal viruses--by the dozens!--that the mice could spread to the risk of aerial accidents from the mice chewing through the plane's wiring and circuits appeared.
"We are taking this matter seriously and have begun a full investigation with the authorities to determine how this happened and ensure it is resolved," United Airlines said in a statement.

"It would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage as the investigation is currently under way."

"Made in China" is becoming a warning label unto itself these days.

Chinese food, toys, drugs have all been touched by scandal in recent months.

China's answer?

To repeat the accusation that the foreign media is guilty of biased reporting. They have also made a point of naming foreign companies that it claims have substandard products.

Of course, we're hardly one to slam someone for complaining of a biased media: we see it everyday in the political arena.

Most of the Chinese claims ring hollow, though.

However, it might be wise if United Airlines would put in a call for help.

Someone, like Sylvester?

[This is not the first time mice on a plane have been reported. The above image is from a story about American Airlines and mice in July 2006.
Mice on a Plane]

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by RidesAPaleHorse & Mondoreb
[image: RidesAPaleHorse;blatherreview]
Source: China Scurries to Contain Mice on U.S. Flight


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