Monday, January 7, 2008

The Weblogs Awards: 2008 Bloggies


The 2008 Bloggies has nominations open and DBKP is nominated for a couple of slots.

If you'd like to help a blog that's down on it's luck, you might stop by and put your two pixels worth in.

Here's the low-down:

1 Go over the the 2008 Eighth Annual Bloggies nomination webpage.

This nomination thing is open until this Sunday, January 13. If you're like us, you might want to do it now. Or you'll forget. Or something more important will come up, like paying a bill or fixing something to go with the last two Oreos.

2 Scroll down to the categories. DBKP is nominated in three categories, as best we can tell. They are, in order going down the page:
a - Best Weblog about Politics
b - Most Humorous Weblog
c - Best New Weblog

3 You have to enter our name:

[Death By 1000 Papercuts] and the URL


We have conveniently put them in #3 here for your cut-and-paste convenience. Ours too.

NOTE: You have to nominate 3 different blogs while you are there for the nomination to count. Think of 2 other blogs to nominate.
Your friends, our friends. Hopefully, not in our categories, but what the heck.

4 You have to type in the 2 CAPTCHA words. Those are those annoying letters and numbers that insure that you are a human, although most humans frequently get them as wrong as any spambot.

5 You then have to enter your email address.

6 Hit the "Submit Your Nominations!" button.

7 You will then get an email and you have to click on the address in your email to verify your nominations.


It is a bit of work, huh?

But, like the Democrats in the SCHIP debate a few months back,

"think of the children".

Also, we're trying to think of reasons for you to do this. We came up with a few:

"Help us so we can help others".

"Show that you really care".

"Only you can prevent forest fires".

We threw the last one in there because we've always been partial to Smokey.

If we get enough votes to be make the finals, we're going to throw a cyber party!

And we'll remember all the great people who helped us on our climb up the ladder of life.

Nominate DBKP and we will not only pray for you, we will also put you on our "Good Karma List".

That's a Two-Fer that we're hoping proves irresistible.


Now we can eat.

[NOTE: DBKP is going to post our "buddies in the blogosphere" that we're also nominating on Wednesday and again a couple times before Sunday.

These are all the bright, cheery blogs that always show us love, peace, kindness and understanding. You might not be aware of them. So, check with us on Wednesday and we'll have a whole line-up.

Because maybe you'll be at work, the boss is away and you need something to while away your time besides the 158th game of Spider...]

by Mondoreb, Little Baby Ginn & RidesAPaleHorse


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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