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Brianna Denison: Serial Rapist - Murderer Loose in Reno

Nightmare in Reno: Missing Brianna Denison found dead, DNA tied to local Serial Rapist

The news was what any parent would never want to hear, that their lovely 19-year-old daughter was missing.

Brianna Denison

Brianna Denison was reported missing January 20th in Reno, Nevada, after disappearing from a friend's house while spending the night on the couch.

A beautiful girl, petite, only 5 ft. tall and weighing 98 pounds, the search intensified for Brianna after the FBI was called into the case on Jan. 22.
"Reno police have worked has with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies since her disappearance and conducted searches of the area, including an extensive search of nearby Rancho San Rafael Park including the use of helicopters and police canine units.

Monday, the Reno Police Department established a 24-hour tip line to gather information to assist in the investigation and detectives are following up on information provided on the tip line. Monday evening, members of Brianna Denison’s family made an appeal for her return and for anyone with information about her disappearance to call the tip line at 745-3521. Information can also be called into the Secret Witness Program at 322-4900 or the Reno Police Department detective division at 334-2115." Source -
The nightmare that Brianna's parents faced while their precious daughter was missing came to an end, replaced by something even worse... Brianna's body was discovered Friday.

"Briana's body was found in a field on Friday, nearly a month after she vanished from a home at the edge of the University of Nevada, Reno. Police said Brianna Denison had been abducted and strangled in what they called a sexually motivated crime." Source - AP
According to KRNV News , there is a suspect in Dennison abduction:
"They describe the suspect as white man with light brown/dirty blonde hair. He is 5'8'' to 5' 10'' with a slender to medium build. The victim said the suspect was wearing a dark hooded pull over sweat shirt with no zippers or markings, athletic type nylon silver sweat pants with black stripes, and white tennis shoes.

Police are also looking for an extended cab pick-up truck or SUV with an interior dome light above the windshield. The vehicle is tall enough that it requires a step up to gain entry, but that step is not an added "aftermarket" step. There is a floor-mounted console described as "fairly skinny" that opens in front, and the radio has blue and red LED read-out. The vehicle also has cloth seats and an automatic transmission. There was a baby shoe on the front seat floor board, and 8 ½" x 11" white pieces of paper with typing on the floor board of the front seat.If you have any information, call the 24 hour tip line at 745-3521 or Secret Witness at 322-4900."
Police fear the rapist-now turned killer, may strike again. Students are nervous, many have resorted to carrying pepper spray while the President of the University, Milton Glick, has issued a statement:
"University police advise that you remain aware of your surroundings and avoid situations that put you at risk, such as walking alone at night or leaving doors and windows unlocked," Glick said."
Brianna wasn't a student at the University of Reno, she attended Santa Barbara Community College in California. She had returned to her hometown for a visit during the winter break and was staying with friends. After a night out, Brianna slept on a couch in the living area, a short distance from the front door which was full of glass panels, and the patio doors, which were unlocked.

The search for Brianna ended Friday when her body was spotted in a field by a man out for walk. The long search for her, by the authorities, her family and friends, is now over, but not the search for the monster who took her life.

Briana's family has set up the Bring Bri Back Foundation. Donations will be used to help hunt for Bri's killer. Blue ribbons hang in the neighborhood where Bri was abducted and also at the Governor's mansion in Carson City.

The brazen rapist in the University of Nevada Community has upped the ante and now added abduction and murder to his resume.

Our sincerest condolences to the family of Brianna Denison and our hope that someday Brianna is remembered, not for what happened to her at the end of her life, but for the lovely light she was in everyone's life she touched.

Image - Wilderness Committee
Image - Reno Gazette Journal


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