Sunday, February 10, 2008

Britney Spears: Today and Yesterday Pictures

Britney: Rough Night Out
Mickey Mouse Club Britney Pic
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The trainwreck that is Britney Spears' life keeps chugging along.

Released earlier from a psychiatric hospital, the singer promptly went out on the town dressed as--Britney Spears.

Tired of not receiving the proper amount of "whore attention" lately, Britney remedied that by reminding everyone how she dressed on her way to the top.

The holes in the stockings are a new touch, though.

One source called her look, "Bedraggled and bra-less".
Wearing torn fishnet tights and exposing her underwear, it seems a spell in a psychiatric hospital has done little to change Britney Spears' chaotic lifestyle - or her dress sense.

The troubled star, who checked herself out of the UCLA Medical Centre earlier this week, was spotted taking a cigarette break at the Millennium dance studio in Hollywood.

Looking bedraggled, the bra-less 26-year-old skipped out of rehearsals to smoke and adjust her torn fishnets in full view of waiting photographers.

Here's a pic of Britney in the ambulance after stand-off with police.

And for old times' sake, we thought we'd dig up an old pic of Britney when she was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Those were better days for all of us.

A History Timeline of Britney Spears in Words and Pictures
From birth to SuperStar to marriage and divorce to Media Psycho in words and 14 pictures from throughout her career.

by Mondoreb
images: bigpic 1,2,3; ethereal pics;popcrunch
Source: Bedraggled and bra-less: Britney Back to her old tricks after hospital release


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