Friday, February 8, 2008

Dog Gives Birth to Mutant Creature

The New Pravda's Rebirth

"In Prava, there is no Ivestia and in Ivestia, there is no Pravda."

--Saying in Soviet Russia

Pravda (The Truth) and Ivestia (The News) were the Soviet Union's government-sponsored methods of distributing what "news" the communist leaders allowed their citizens in the USSR.

It was not very much fun to read, whether you were a Russian or foreigner.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the rebirth of Russia, along with St. Petersburg, there was another rebirth: that of Pravda.

The Russian newspaper, once studied like tea leaves by the CIA and other intelligence agencies hoping to glean news from what was not said and reading between the lines, is now the Russian version of the New York Daily News, the National Enquirer and the Post--all in one.

Pravda is nothing but entertaining these days.

We saw this story last week of a dog giving birth to a 'mutant creature resembling a human being' and forgot about it.

We found it today and thought, "What the hey!"

There's not much information along with the pictures, but we figured 'a picture is worth a 1000 words', so we included two pictures.

Other stories Pravda is covering include, "Men can Really Breastfeed and have a Third Nipple" and "Russian Designer invents Flying Rug".

How times change.

The next time anyone is fretting about the state of the world and worried for the future, just remember Pravda.

From a bland, colorless, government mouthpiece, to--well, we're not exactly sure how to classify Pravda now.

But they are not the old Soviet-style paper, that's for sure.

"Dog Gives Birth to Mutant Creature that Resembles a Human Being" is the strongest testimony we've found yet.

by Mondoreb
images: pravda
Source: Dog give birth to mutant creature that resembles Human being


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