Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election 2008: Live-Blogging Super Tuesday- 7:20 pm

DBKP Live Blogging

We're going to try and live blog for awhile and see how it goes.

AT 7:04 - Romney is calling "FOUL" at the WV GOP results. They have a point. Romney had, by far, the largest delegate total in WV. But a couple back room deals sent 3 delegates to Ron Paul and 15 to Mike Huckabee.

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh used almost his entire show to point out the utter ridiculousness of labeling John McCain as a "conservative. Again, he has a point.

McCain and Hillary Clinton have almost identical stands on almost every issue.

"Maverick" McCain is only a maverick because he disagrees with Republicans on most important issues.

He is a win-win candidate for the Mainstream Media.

Only 49 percent of McCain's voters said they were conservative, a sign that the Arizona senator's efforts over the last week to placate conservative voters has not paid off.

So you can tell we don't believe McCain's pleas that "really, I'm a conservative".

Georgia declared for Barack Obama at 7:10 pm.


Democrat totals

Hillary - 244
Obama - 178
Edwards - 26
Kucinich - 1

* With Obama declared the winner in Georgia, this creates a virtual tie right now between Obama and Clinton.

Republican Totals

McCain 111
Romney 94
Huckabee 44
Paul 9

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image: seniors


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