Sunday, February 3, 2008

Frank Luntz: Permanent Evil Doer

Another "Tale from the Blancasphere"

"Frankly, Luntz, I Don't Give a Damn"

Up to this point I have been a big fan of Frank Luntz. After all, it is because of him that we have such wonderful turns of phrase, which gave us eight wonderful years of Commander Guy.

He has been a brilliant pollster, and an incredible Orwellian pen write, permitting fat turd blossoms like Karl Rove to realize their dreams. If it weren't for people like Frank Luntz, all of Karl's dreams of a Republican President and majority would have gone unrealized.

After all, Karl Rove is not exactly a rocket scientist. Actually, he's pretty much stupid as a stone. After this pecker wood lost us both the House and the Senate in 2006, I decided that his genius was greatly exaggerated.

But after last night, watching Frank on Bill Maher, I realized that even this perceived genius was nothing more than a paper tiger, presenting nothing more than kabuki theater as fact.

Frank sat there, praising Obama and Hillary, granting them the crown of inevitability, all the while lambasting the Republicans as lost, nothing, so, yesterday. As the moments progressed, my anger grew, until finally I could take no more, and I turned off the TV.

Frank Luntz Syndrome

Mr. Luntz until now has been very much like the the Jewish policemen of the Warsaw ghetto. Just like Frank, they operated under the misguided notion that if they cooperated and sold out their own, they would survive the Holocaust.

And just like Frank, they were wrong. Luntz has relentlessly attacked gays, even though he is as gay as a three dollar bill. But he has had the decency to keep it on the down low. Aaron of Lifelike Pundits should take a lesson from Luntz.

But in the end, a gay in Republican clothing cannot hide.

Just ask Larry Craig.

But this new tack of throwing the Republicans under the bus, in order to save his own sorry ass if the unthinkable happens this November, is just beyond the pale. I cannot idly sit by and let him not only humanize the Democrats Hillary and Barack, but also tear down our one and only hope for the party, Mike Huckabee.

I am now going to use my considerable power as a blogger to come to bear against you, Mr. Luntz. Please consider this your notice, Frank.

You are now officially and permanently on my Evildoers List.

May God have mercy on your soul.

by Blanca DeBree
image: blancasphere; trashyourtv
Source: Frankly Luntz, I Don't Give a Damn

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