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Hillary and Obama: Astrological "Styles" of Communication

Astrologist Beth Turnage of Astrology Explored takes a look at the "communication styles" of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and how their astrological "makeup" may determine those types of styles:
The mail came Saturday, just before Super Tuesday to our Connecticut household, bearing Hillary’s campaign piece to my husband and a separate one addressed to me.

I picked up the one addressed to my husband and my
daughter picked up the one addressed to me.

"Look at this," I said, "Hillary is comparing her solutions to Barak’s."

My daughter began to read the campaign flier in her hand out loud. It was then that I realized that the two pieces were substantially different. When I remarked on it, she said “Look, mom, this piece is prettier.” Indeed, the one addressed to me had more pictures and words, and upon further examination, a phone number for the recipient to call if they had any questions.

Were these two pieces strategically designed for one set to go to
women, and the other to men, presenting essentially the same message, but in a different style? And if so, what does this tell us about the communication style of America’s first viable female candidate for the highest office in the land? How does this compare with the communications style of her closest rival?

Astrologically, Hillary has Mercury, the planet representing her thinking processes and her communications style, in the power packed sign of Scorpio. This position alone is difficult for anyone to handle, but Hillary also has Scorpio for her Sun with Chiron and Venus as well as her South Node.

Here is an individual who has an instinctual grasp of power and control of what it takes to manipulate along with a harmonious aspect to Uranus, the ability to do so with the masses. However, in challenge aspect to the planet of action, Mars, it gives her arguments and her actions, a sharp, unyielding edge, resistant to establishing rapport with her audience. It is also what gives people a reason to dislike her as some people vehemently do.

By contrast, Barak Obama has Mercury in the expansive sign of Leo. This lends an aura of authority and charisma to his oratory, drawing people to his message in an almost hypnotic manner.

Leo has the gift of making you feel special just by being in their presence. It is mind candy in the highest form, one that many Americans are gobbling up. It's not that he doesn’t believe his message, he certainly does. But in opposition to the expansive planet, Jupiter in Aquarius, we have the symbolic image of hot air. In other words, he promises more than he can deliver.

Scorpio issues are basically one of trust, and we are seeing this in our reactions to Hillary, a woman candidate for president.

Can we trust a woman to a make decisions for us? Can we trust her ability to make strategic decisions? Can we trust that she won't make fundamental mistakes that will ultimately harm us?

We need to know the answers to these questions before we cast our vote.

Hillary says she has substance. She certainly does. With Scorpio, she does not commit to a position until she is absolutely sure it is the correct one. Scorpios protect themselves by not revealing. Withholding and lacking in spontaneity, Scorpio natives can appear aloof and unfeeling, not what we need to see when we are looking for the answer as to whether or not to vote for her.

Hillary’s communication style isn't helping her in this regard. It's her biggest obstacle, not any political rival, in securing the presidency.

Beth made a good observation in regards to Hillary and Obama's styles of communication. She noted that Hillary has Mercury in Scorpio with her sun sign in Scorpio which highlights Hillary's "instinctual" grasp of "power and control" with the ability to "manipulate" the masses.

Beth points out that Obama's Mercury in his sun sign Leo lends him "charisma" with his oratory skills, how he is able to draw people in with his authoritative style and almost "hypnotic" manner.

Beth points out that voters might grapple with the issue of whether a woman can lead and how Hillary's Scorpio tendencies of not revealing her positions until she is sure they are right ones, how her Scorpio "aloofness" and lack of "spontaneity" hampers the voters ability to "get to know her."

Beth points out that Obama, while being authoritative and believing his own message has Jupiter in Aquarius, a combination which can mean "hot air."

Communication styles are imperative. Hillary is shrewd enough to have sent out campaign fliers with basically the same message but tailored for each focus group. So what she lacks in personal style she makes up delegating to someone with good marketing skills in regards to getting her message out.

Obama's style is more positive for voters who feel they must have some sort of "connection" in order to vote (trust) for someone.

In short, Obama is likeable, the quintessential Leo, charismatic, a good leader. Hillary is the typical Scorpio, serious, aloof, but powerful, shrewd, and as history has shown, manipulative.

Time and the stars will tell if either Hillary or Obama's "style" will carry them to the White House in 2008.


Source - Astrology Explored
Image - Esoteric

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