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Larry Sinclair: Controversy Surrounding Polygraph Expert

Just when we thought this story had come to its final conclusion, there's a new development in the Larry Sinclair-Barack Obama saga, charges that the polygraph expert's credentials may be "less than sterling", accusations made of promises broken.

Larry Sinclair has taken issue with the credibility and credentials of the polygraph expert hired by Sinclair has also taken issue with certain aspects surrounding Whitehouse's lack of communication on certain aspects of the agreement between Sinclair and the owner of the blog, Dan Parisi.

Larry Sinclair's full statement and additions: Polygraph Expert Flunks Credibility Test?

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If Mr. Parisi fails to comply with our agreement by Monday 2-25-08 I will post all email communications with him concerning this matter and which clearly state the conditions for this arrangement. These emails will clearly show Mr. Parisi did not follow our agreement and I will consider at that time what course of action should be taken. It is only natural that I would become suspicious of Mr. Parisi after finding out he has misrepresented this expert, he has claimed I was examined by two (2) experts of which I agreed and yet I only met one and still have not been given the contact information to this date on the second. Source - Larry Sinclair is reporting that the results of two polygraph tests administered to Larry Sinclair, the man who is accusing Senator Barack Obama of illicit sex and drug use back in 1999, showed "deceptions." Whitehouse has posted that they have received a handwritten report from the polygraph expert, Dr. Ed Gelb, but are waiting on a "typed" report to post to the blog.

Whitehouse reported that Gelb administered two polygraphs and that Sinclair was given a drug test beforehand, which Sinclair passed. Gelb purportedly focused the first test on Sinclair's claims that he and Obama did cocaine back in 1999 after meeting at an "upscale" lounge then partying in Mr. Sinclair's rented limo. The second test focused on the allegations of sex between Mr. Sinclair and Senator Obama.

Whitehouse has reported that, according to Mr. Gelb, both tests showed "deceptions" by Mr. Sinclair.

Mr. Sinclair has posted a statement on his site that he had requested a copy of the report from Whitehouse but so far has not received one as promised. Mr. Sinclair has also posted information which purportedly shows that the polygraph expert, Gelb, may not be the "Phd" he claims to be. Gelb has
publicly claimed to hold a Ph.D. degree in psychology since at least
1996. I***997, he represented himself as a Ph.D. to the highest court
in the land -- the United States Supreme Court -- as a co-signer of
the Committee of Concerned Social Scientists' amicus brief in U.S. v.
Scheffer, where he is listed as "Ed Gelb, Ph.D." No, the "LaSalle
University" that awarded Gelb his "doctorate" turns out to be a
defunct, unaccredited diploma mill in Mandeville, Louisiana that was
owned and operated by one Thomas James Kirk, A.K.A. Thomas McPherson.
I***996, LaSalle was raided by the FBI, and i***997 Kirk pled guilty
to federal fraud charges. (For more on the bogus LaSalle
University, Mr. Edward I. Gelb is no Ph.D., and he should stop
masquerading as such.
Mr. Sinclair claims that he was not allowed to meet with Gelb before the polygraph was administered nor has he been given the name of the "second" expert will be relying on for another opinion. Sinclair claims this was a breach of the agreement between Sinclair and Whitehouse and also calls into question the veracity of the two polygraphs due to the "background" of the expert, Dr. Gelb.

It needs to be made perfectly clear that I have from the very beginning demand all of this be done openly and with credible, unbiased, and apolitical individuals. These facts about Dr. Gelb make it hard for me to believe that Mr. Parisi can claim this person is unbiased and credible when he has misrepresented himself before the highest court in this Country.

Mr. Parisi’s claims that I approved both experts is untrue because I was never given this person whole name or any contact information on him/her. I was simply told Gordo something in Salt Lake City.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair

2-24-08 Source - Larry Sinclair writes that it will be posting Gelb's full report as well as the one from the "second" expert. They also plan to post the video taken of the two polygraphs. Whitehouse reports that according to Gelb, both tests showed "deception."

It remains to be seen in what area the "deceptions" occurred and to what degree.

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