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Larry Sinclair-Obama: Obama Supporters Circulating Fake WashPo Story?

WashPo Editorial Non-Existent

We got an email this morning that claimed to contain the text from a Washington Post story on Thursday, February 21 2008 about Larry Sinclair, the gay man who's polygraph test about his claims of sharing sex and cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999 will be released this week.

Sinclair has alleged that he shared gay sex and cocaine/crack with Obama in the back of a limo and at a motor lodge in Gurnee, IL in 1999 while the presidential candidate was a Illinois representative.

The story-editorial, according to the email, was dated February 21, 2008 and was to have been on WashPo page 1a2.

Here's what the email said the story contained.
In late fall of 2007 Lawrence Sinclair approached campaign officials of the Sen.Barack Obama campaign, and told them a very disturbing story. Rob Allen of the Sen. Obama campaign stated. After the meeting had concluded the campaign officials ruled it off, as "just someone trying to make a buck."
The following week they received a phone call, from a man claiming to represent Mr. Sinclair, and demanding $100,000.00 as restitution for his client.

Lawrence Sinclair has filed a federal suit against Barack Obama and others for harassment since the gay man released his video on, a internet web-site for viewing homemade videos, alleging that, the Senator from Illinois and Mr.Sinclair shared oral sex and cocaine in the back of a Mr. Sinclair's limo in Gurnee, IL in 1999.

The Post has learned that presiding Judge Donald Wilson is dismissing the case, due to credibility on Mr.Sinclair. Stating that the complainant has an extensive record of mischievous conduct. Further more such allegations warrant sound credible standards, which are not found in matters included in this suit.

Lawrence Sinclair was convicted of "fraud" two times and investigated eight times over 25 years, for trying to secure money for "black male" charges. Two of the defendants were political figures in Illinois and Indiana. Mr.Sinclair also has an extensive record of drug convictions. The Washington Post has learned."

Now, the email said that this was an editorial from the Washington Post.

We found that hard to believe for a number of reasons.

1- Why would the Washington Post write an editorial about a story that the Post has steadfastly refused to utter a word about?

2- The email doesn't read like much of an editorial to us. It reads more like someone trying to write a fake news story.

3- Some of the information contained in the email matched the same information we tried running down that appeared in this week's Globe tabloid concerning Larry Sinclair's prison record. We were unable to substantiate it, as of this time.

4- Some of the email's information was completely new: that is, the charge that Sinclair was involved in "black male" charges. "Black male"? This alone caused us to relegate the email to the scam/spam collection.

5- The information that we do know is true: i.e., the charges Sinclair has alleged, comes almost word-for-word from one of our Larry Sinclair stories here at DBKP.

Now, we'd be flattered if some editorial writer lifted a few sentences from our story, but we doubt very much that most editorial staff at the Washington Post (Kevin Sullivan--who's left a comment at DBKP a few months back--being the exception.)

So, we checked the email out.

We ran searches on the Washington Posts website: no editorial concerning Larry Sinclair.

We went through every editorial published by the Washington Post in the last 2 weeks.

Nope, no such animal.

Who is circulating the email with the fake Washington Post editorial?

Is it the Obama campaign? Or, perhaps just an over-zealous Obama supporter?

We can't imagine a Clinton or McCain supporter circulating the email. The email made its way to the editor at BNN also, where DBKP Obama-Sinclair stories have been posted.

In any case, Larry Sinclair has made his allegations publicly, and has been threatened for his troubles by Obama supporters and the campaign itself--according to Sinclair.

This letter--unless the editorial has been pulled, and that raises a whole other set of questions--is more evidence that tends to support Sinclair's allegations of intimidation by Obama supporters.

The plot thickens.

[NOTE: The email presented no links or other proof that this editorial exists and we can find no proof it exists, either. If anyone has a link to this supposed Washington Post editorial, send it along and we'll post it. But we don't expect to receive a link for a non-existant editorial using the term "black male" charges.]

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