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Larry Sinclair's Obama Allegations: MSM Has Plenty of Practice Ignoring Certain Stories

YouTube Suppressing the Popularity of the Sinclair Video?

After a hard day of non-reporting, the watchdog reporters of the Mainstream Media
like to gather to compare the notes they didn't take.

Larry Sinclair Files Federal Suit against Obama

Robert Novak Hinted at Sinclair's Allegations in October

Larry Sinclair has filed a federal suit against Barack Obama and others for harassment since the gay man released his video on YouTube alleging that the Senator from Illinois and Sinclair shared gay sex and cocaine in the back of a limo in Gurnee, IL in 1999.

Larry Sinclair's federal lawsuit against Obama
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But don't expect to see anything in the MSM.

That would mean that they would have to explain why the suit was filed. That would mean that they would have to lift their "black out" of the Sinclair story.

The Larry Sinclair story about Barack Obama continues to get the silent treatment from the MSM.

To us, that is the real story of the affair.

We watched as the MSM judiciously ignored hard cold facts collected in the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child story by the National Enquirer. It appears that Obama will get the same courtesy.

Now this morning, Big Head DC claims that YouTube, which is owned by Google, has attempted to suppress the popularity of Larry Sinclair's video allegations about Obama.

As reported in DBKP's "Obama: Larry Sinclair Claims Gay Sex, Drugs in 1999 with Barack", Sinclair says in the videos that he used cocaine with Sen. Barack Obama and performed a sex act on him in 1999.

Big Head DC:
Suppressing the videos’ prominence would dramatically affect the number of YouTubers who actually see them. The view count of Sinclair’s main video has increased by over 100,000 in the last week, but the video is not listed in the YouTube “Most Viewed List” for this week. Also, the “Daily,” “Weekly” and “Monthly Honors” for “Most Discussed” videos on the site have not been updated in recent days. The Sinclair video has substantially more comments and views (about 350,000 as of this writing) than many other popular news and politics videos.

BHDC says that Google hasn't responded to the website's request for comment.

BHDC also notes that the founders of Google, the parent company of YouTube, have stated publicly that they are Obama supporters.

At least Google's owners are honest about it.

That's easier to take than the repeated bleatings from a Mainstream press that maintains--in the face of all evidence, studies, common sense and 40 years of history--that it is an impartial conduit of the news.

Instead of the Liberal-Left mouthpieces that they are.

The only thing that saves the MSM from being complete tools is that every once in awhile, a bright, ambitious reporter bucks the MSM herd instinct and reports on a story the rest have "blacked out".

In the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter story, the MSM not only ignored the facts, but refused to even pose one, single question about any of the facts collected by others who did some digging on the story.

A highly-trained MSM watchdog reporter
takes up the challenge of the Obama story.

Rielle Hunter still continues to be a popular item in stories on DBKP--three months after the Enquirer unearthed the former Edwards' campaign worker's pregnancy and the subsequent moving of her into a gated community five miles from Edwards campaign headquarters--in a house owned by an Edwards backer.

Driving a car owned by Edwards former finance director.

The only words written about these surprising revelations were to attack anyone who did find the information surprising.

In effect, the vaunted MSM--the "watchdogs of the press"--served as Edwards' attack poodles.

At least they have some practice for a reprise of the role on the Larry Sinclair story.

Admittedly, there is much less to go on in the Obama affair than there was in the Edwards Love Child story. But, the fact is: the MSM were all over Fred Thompson using an airplane from a buddy who had a decades-old drug conviction last fall.

Now, that was a scandal!

At this moment, no one outside of Obama and Sinclair know whether this occurred or not. But when the Mainstream press is curiously un-curious about a scandal, it always means that there's a Democrat involved.

But do expect a modicum of coverage in the coming days.

That will be when the MSM blogs attack the very idea of anyone giving credence to the story. They will have no more proof than anyone outside of Sinclair and Obama, but they'll deliver their verdicts on bloggers who attempt to report on the matter.

Sinclair filed a federal suit against Obama and others for harassment after the video was released.

Back in October, Robert Novak reported:
“Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information about her principal opponent for the party’s presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama, but has decided not to use it. The nature of the alleged scandal was not disclosed.”

At the time, it was speculated that this was the story the LA Times supposedly had done major work on and was squashing.

Hard news consists of facts. Some here are a few facts for MSM "reporters".

1 Larry Sinclair has filed a federal lawsuit against a major Democrat presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

2 Larry Sinclair is going to submit to a polygraph on the matter. He called on Obama to do the same.

3 The MSM has zealously refused to let any mention of Larry Sinclair grace a front page or newscast.

The Mainstream press gives more coverage to UFO conspiracy theories than it does to a federal lawsuit being filed against a Democrat presidential candidate.

There is more coverage to "man-made climate change" theories in a day--during one of the coldest winters in decades--than there has been coverage of Rielle Hunter and Larry Sinclair combined, in weeks.

So: people with computers will continue to search on their own for the news the MSM refuses to provide. That includes any mention of Rielle Hunter, and now, Larry Sinclair.

MSM stocks continue to go down, MSM advertising continues to fall, MSM ratings and circulation continue their spiral downward and MSM news bureaus continue to close.

And MSM staffs continue to be cut. Excuses are made for all the MSM cutbacks and various reasons and theories are posited for their happening. But the MSM staff cuts are particularly easy to understand.

After all, why would anyone pay reporters not to report?

DBKP John Edwards Love Child Library

Over 25 stories on the story the MSM continues to not report, the curious goings-on between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, a former producer hired by Edwards to produce a campaign video--which disappeared after Hunter became pregnant.

by Mondoreb
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