Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Newborn Survives Toilet, Train Tracks in India

AHMEDABAD: Call it good fortune or just the will of God. But the life in a seven-month-old foetus, that fell through the toilet bowl of a running train when the mother went to ease herself, still lives on!

In only what can be described as miraculous, a premature baby girl in India survived the impossible, birth in the toilet of a train only to be sucked down the pipes then landing on rocks between the rails of the track Tuesday night. The baby not only survived but is in good condition at the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Rajasthan Hospitals.

The baby's mother, seven months pregnant Bhuri Kalbi, was traveling on the Jodhpur-Ahmedabad train when she began to feel ill. She had sat down onto the toilet when she felt weak and then passed out. People banging on the door woke Bhuri up, it was then that she noticed her "stomach was flat. My child was gone."

Bhuri's baby, weighing a little over 3 pounds, had literally gone down the drain of the toilet landing on rocks between the rails of the train track. She had fallen near the Amblisayan railway station where "members of the Gram Rakshak Dal alerted station master KK Rai that a new-born child was lying on the track."

While rushing to the spot on foot, Rai said he could hear the cries of the baby from a distance. On coming closer, he could not believe what he saw. "The baby was lying dangerously close to the left track with the umbilical cord hanging by the side," Rai said. The baby had turned blue due to the chill at midnight.

The railwaymen wrapped the baby in a cloth and called the local doctor. While the child was being examined, a call came, saying the parents were traced.
Bhuri's brother-in-law, Arjun, had found her semi-conscious in the bathroom.
"We immediately pulled the chain at Kalol, two stations away from where the child had slipped off and alerted the train guard," he said.
Bhuri and her baby were reunited two hours later Kalol Civil Hospital.

Image - Train to Ahmedabad
Source - Times of India - Foetus Slips Out of Moving Train, Safe


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