Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vicki Iseman, Cindy McCain: Striking Similarities?

You be the Judge

Vicki Iseman (left) and Cindy McCain (right)

Some have remarked on the striking similarities between these two photos of Vicki Iseman--whom the NY Times hints had a "romantic relationship" with Senator John McCain--and Cindy McCain.

We don't want to make any judgments, but we decided to present side-by-side photos and let readers come to their own conclusions as to how similar the two may or may not be.

Someone at the Huffington Post must have thought so, too. They posted the above side-by-side comparison pix.

So: how about it?

Are there "striking similarities", as one reader put it?

by Mondoreb
[hat tip: huffingtonpost]
images: alcalde & Fay; care


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