Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Babysitter Charged With Tying Kid Up With Duct Tape

When the ropes that babysitter Charles Osteen used to tie up his 7-year-old charge continued to fail, Osteen turned to duct tape, a reinforced vinyl adhesive tape known to withstand 250 mph winds, but not, to Osteen's chargin and subsequent felony child neglect charge, seven year old boys.

By the time the Port Richey, Florida, babysitter returned from an errand the boy had escaped and gone over to play with neighborhood friends. Someone called 911 after the boy let it slip that his babysitter had duct taped him to the bed, a piece of which still stuck to his tennis shoe.

Osteen arrived before the authorities and took the boy. Witnesses said Osteen had an infant with him inside his car. Police went to Osteen's residence at 9233 Dresden Lane and found no one home. They found a piece of duct tape in the front yard and contacted Child Protective Services.

This was Saturday. It wasn't until Sunday that the police came back and talked to Osteen and the kid.

At first the kid said that he and Osteen were "playing a game" but then told authorities that he had been told to tell them it was a game. The boy also said it was the first time he had been tied up by duct tape.

Osteen told the authorities the kid aggravated him with "obnoxious" noises. Osteen said he warned the kid if he didn't stop he'd tie him up. Osteen said he used "poor judgment". Osteen was charged with felony child neglect, released from the Land O Lakes Jail after posting $5,000 bail.

Top 10 Uses for Duct Tape (if you're going to the prom.)

10. Cheaper than renting a tux or gown.
9. Resistant to punch spills.
8. Prom decorations start falling down? Just peel off part of your outfit and repair 'em on the spot.
7. The gals' dads LOVE those hard-to-remove duct tape gowns.
6. As you grow, you don't have to buy a new gown or tux, you just add more duct tape.
5. With duct tape hosiery, there's no need to shave your legs for weeks after the prom.
4. The sauna-like nature of duct tape apparel allows you to loose up to 20 pounds in one night.
3. Blame your lack of dancing skills on the stiffness of your duct tape tux.
2. Rip your outfit? Get out your roll and patch it!
1. Couples wearing duct tape tend to "stick together".

--source: Top 10 Reasons you should wear duct tape to the prom


Image - Duct Tape
Source - Tampa Bay Online


* Babysitter Charged With Tying Kid Up with Duct Tape

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