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Febreze Seized in Huge Pot Bust

Eliminate odors from fabrics while spreading a light fresh scent. Whether it’s car, pet, pot, or general home odors, Febreze Fabric Refresher has a great solution.

The Laredo Police Department received an anonymous tip Thursday regarding suspicious activity at a residence near the area of Saunders and Interstate 35. After police set up surveillance it was determined there was enough cause to search the house.

According to Officer Jose E. Baeza, police then raided the residence and found 90 bundles of marijuana wrapped in plastic along with several bottles of Febreze. Four men were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Police said the home was a "stash" house located in a residential area. Three heavily loaded police trucks with an armed escort moved the estimated 1 ton of pot with a street value of $803,000 along with "several" bottles of the fabric freshener and household odor remover Febreze.

Produced by Proctor and Gamble, Febreze was first introduced into test markets in 1996.

The product's active ingredient, cyclodextrin, is a type of modified starch having a shape similar to a donut. The molecule binds or entraps various hydrophobic compounds within the donut shape.[2] In this way, malodorous molecules are retained so that they are no longer detected as a scent.

At the site Everything2 one writer warns about too much use of products which mask odors when smoking pot.
Incense, dryer sheets, towels under door, FeBreze, etc. are good ways to mask odors; but their presence consistently leads to suspicion

This wasn't the first time Febreze was implicated in connection to pot, this time in north central Washington on Hwy 97, 15 minutes south of the Canadian border. The stretch of road is known as Smugglers Alley. A woman out for a walk found a backpack stuffed with over $500,000 in cash. Authorities determined the woman had stumbled upon a "drop site".

Both prosecutors and defense agreed that Taber picked up a bag that had earlier contained $507,070 and that a dope smell filled the counting room at the sheriff's office -- along with the scent of Febreze, commonly used to cover such odors. Source - November

Cannibis Connousieurs

Febreze seems to be a favorite for eliminating pesky pots smells as these posters in Cannabis forum highly recommend Febreze for one girl's pot smoking dilemma.
Hey all!

My boyfriend would NOT be thrilled if he knew I am planning on experiementing with herb as often as I plan on it (he knows I'm going to try it... but he isn't happy about it....)

Anyway.... pot has a very strong smell..... if I smoke, how do I make sure I get the smell COMPLETELY off of me so that he won't ever suspect??

I guess... i don't want ANYONE to know if I can help it..... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
smoke a few cigarettes or a cigar. the tobacco smell overpowers the weed smell. i do this when i smoke in my room. i smoke the blunt, then i smoke 4 or 5 cigs, and spray with Febreeze so my parents wont know. but unless your boyfriend doesnt want u smokin cigs either, Febreeze is wonderful.
Another member also recommends Febreze:

As for the smell on your clothes, you have a few options available. As a girl, perfume would seem like an obvious choice to me. Febreeze is better suited for ridding the smell in an area (I use it in my basement if I must). I've also found using dryer sheets (The kind where the powder comes off easily) will eliminate the smell COMPLETELY, and makes your clothes smell like fresh laundry. However, it can at times leave amounts of powder visible on your clothes, but this can be rubbed off mostly.

Febreze was seized when police searched a teen's car in Medina, Ohio.

Cigarettes, a lighter and box cutter were found on the teen, and rolling papers, Visine eye drops, Febreze air freshener, a cigarette roller, can of loose tobacco, two small bags of marijuana and a bong reportedly were found in his car. He will be charged through juvenile court on possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors. Source - Medina Gazette

No word yet if Febreze is now considered to be "drug paraphernalia" but the confiscation by the Laredo police during the 1 ton pot bust and the teen's car in Medina, OH, indicates they consider it as potential evidence and possibly an indicator of pot use.


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