Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Caption This HRC Photo

DBKP CaptionFest #1
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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigned across America this past week and both landed in Charleston, WV one day apart. Rampagin' Rodney Parsons caught both of them in action in WV's capital city: Clinton on the 19th, Obama, the next day.
RP got some great "candid" shots, starting with the one above.

Ginn says, "This pic is begging--begging, I tell you!--for a caption!!!"

Caption the above photo by leaving your suggestion in the comments after the CaptionFest story at

Deadline is Tuesday at midnight. Decision of the judges is final and we'll print the winning caption on Wednesday. We'll watermark the winning caption and author on the pic as a prize.

So put on your smart-ass thinking cap.

Good luck!

by Mondoreb
image: Rod Parsons

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