Friday, March 14, 2008

Larry Sinclair: Files $3M Suit Against Anonymous Posters

Anonymous Posters?

Cyberspace is a busy place with millions of posters commenting on blogs and forums, exercising their right to Freedom of Speech as written in the First Amendment of the Constitution unless, according to Larry Sinclair, you voice a negative opinion about Larry, then you're liable to the tune of millions of dollars.

Larry Sinclair, the guy who claims Senator Obama had sex and procured coke for him back in 1999 has filed yet another lawsuit, this time for defamation of "character" while new "details" have emerged in Sinclair's story about his alleged 1999 "tryst" with then State Representative Barack Obama.

One would suppose when someone files a defamation of character lawsuit they will eventually have to prove they had a "character" to defame yet Larry has forged ahead with funds "donated" through paypal on his website.

According to the site, Big Head DC, Sinclair has filed a lawsuit against 3 anonymous posters on the site, Democratic Underground, seeking 3 million dollars in damages for defamation of character.

Sinclair claims the comments of the anonymous three, posted in a public forum regarding his "mental state" and "character" and their belief that Sinclair is lying about a supposed tryst back in 1999 with then State Representative Obama are grounds for Larry to sue.

Who are the three anonymous posters whom Sinclair has filed suit against?

TubeSockTedD, mzmolly and OWNINGLIARS, names which reminds us of Muppets from Sesame Street.

The lawsuit also includes more "details" about the supposed encounter between Sinclair and Obama.

“On the evening of November 6, 1999, Plaintiff’s limousine driver telephoned then-Illinois State Senator Barrack Obama to set up a introduction of Plaintiff to Mr. Obama,” according to the lawsuit. “Later that evening at a bar which Plaintiff believes was called Alibis, Plaintiff met Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama offered to purchasing cocaine for Plaintiff. Mr. Obama made a telephone call from his cellphone to a presently unknown individual during which Mr. Obama arranged the cocaine purchase.

“Mr. Obama and Plaintiff then departed the bar in Plaintiff’s limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Mr. Obama exited the limousine with two hundred fifty dollars ($250) tendered by Plaintiff and returned a short while later with an ‘eightball’ of cocaine and gave it to Plaintiff,” the suit continues. “Plaintiff and Mr. Obama then ingested cocaine.”

The original story by Sinclair on his Youtube video released at the end of January was vague on details. A third "character", the limo driver, has now emerged in Larry's Fairytale, of Larry in 1999 in his rented limo, garnering an introduction to then State Representative Obama by way of his driver.

According to Larry, after he and Obama, a State Representative meet, he gives Obama money for illegal drugs who then procures an "eightball" of cocaine for the two of them to "ingest".

We're then supposed to believe that the evening progressed with a quickie blowjob, then a later "date" at a Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois between Senator Obama and Larry Sinclair.

Larry's Lawsuits

Sinclair's first lawsuit was filed Feb. 11, at the United States District Court, District of Minnesota against Senator Obama, David Axelrod, and the DNC. The very first line of Sinclair's lawsuit states:

This action is pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1981, 18 U.S.C. 241 and the First Amendment of the United States Constitutions right to the Freedom of Speech.

How ironic that Larry's second lawsuit also involves the First Amendment and Free Speech with Larry suing three anonymous posters at Democratic Underground for comments they posted on an open forum about Larry, for which Larry now claims defamation of character.

Larry wants protection under the First Amendment for his right to Freedom of Speech but not the same protections for the three posters who just happened to voice their opinions about Larry Sinclair.

One wonders if Mr. Sinclair will continue to file lawsuits against every blogger, poster, or persons who believes Sinclair is lying about his encounter with Senator Obama.

Sinclair has set up paypal on his site for "donations" in fighting his "legal" battles. Sinclair has also stated that he will not be turning over any "evidence", that it will be in the "courts" where his allegations against Obama will finally be "proven" true.

Since lawsuits can take years to see the light of day in a courtroom this resolves Sinclair's responsibility to prove his allegations against Senator Obama. In the interim, Sinclair continues to solicit "legal" funds in order to sue those who express their opinion of Sinclair's character and/or veracity. A veritable perpetual motion machine of lawsuits and donations as the wheels of justice slowly grind while allowing Sinclair to string along his allegations and not provide solid proof.

There's Something About Larry ~

It's been since the end of January that Sinclair went public with his sordid allegations against Senator Obama yet Sinclair has failed to come forth with any concrete evidence nor witnesses, not even the mysterious limo driver.

Sinclair maintains he has been an open book in regards to his life yet he has failed to divulge his past. The tabloid the Globe has reported two separate stories that Sinclair's past includes stays in various state prisons, credit fraud abuse, drug and human smuggling, and various other sundries yet Sinclair has not threatened to sue nor called for a retraction.

Anyone can sue for anything these days, the act of filing a lawsuit does not guarantee success, judges find some lawsuits groundless or frivolous the filer can be held responsible for all attorneys fees. But we digress. Those who file multiple lawsuits, this is Larry's second suit in a little over a month, can result in a reputation as being "sue" happy or one who uses lawsuits as a form of intimidation, of attempting to muzzling one's detractors.

Free Speech under the First Amendment not only applies to Larry Sinclair but to his detractors too.


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