Friday, April 11, 2008

Larry Sinclair: New Allegations of Gay Sex and Murder Against Obama

Rather than prove prior allegations against Senator Obama, of illicit gay sex and illegal drugs, Larry Sinclair has added new allegations, of "other gay lovers" and murder, that Obama was lovers with Donald Young, the murdered gay choir master at the Senator's church and that Larry... has proof.

We find this newest accusation from Sinclair about Obama and Donald Young quite interesting. Sinclair never mentioned Donald Young and Obama in his original video on Youtube back in January. Sinclair's original accusations were that in 1999, Larry's limo driver introduced Larry to then State Representative Barack Obama. That Obama allegedly procured cocaine for their use while the two participated in gay sex, one night in the limo, another in an "upscale" Choice motel in Gurnee, Illinois.

Now it seems that Sinclair has been sitting on "information", sort of like Little Miss Muffet on her tuppet, or the spider spinning his web, we're not sure which, where he claims he tried to turn info over to the Chicago Police pertaining to the murder of Donald Young and that Young and Obama were lovers. Sinclair claims he had had discussions with Young before the choir master's murder back December. Sinclair never included this info in his videos on Youtube, it's only recently that Sinclair made these claims about Obama and Young, claims which keep Sinclair spinning his web of accusations against Senator Obama in the semi-public eye.

Sinclair was recently interviewed by the Puerto Rican TV show, SuperXclusivo, by the creepy life-sized puppet, La Comay and its sidekick, Cuban actor, Hector Travieso. It was during this interview that Sinclair claimed that Obama had "another gay lover (Donald Young) who was murdered back in December" and that Sinclair's "attempts to contact the Chicago Police Department on information that links Senator Obama and this gentleman and his death... (Sinclair's voice falls into a sleezy purr) have been ignored..."

Read more of Larry Sinclair: Obama and Murdered Gay Choir Master "Were Lovers" at

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