Friday, April 4, 2008

Recession, Recession Recession Drum Beaten by MSM

Mainstream Media reporters latch onto the "recession" meme

No one expects the talking heads of the Mainstream Media to be rocket scientists.

Not many expect them to be able to spell "rocket scientists" without a spell checker.

But when the MSM start on a political meme, they do have enough smarts to repeat it.

And repeat it.

And repeat it.

So it was when Bill Clinton was shilling in the 1990s for higher taxes. The meme then was "deficit". Endlessly, we were told that higher taxes were needed for the deficit. "The deficit" couldn't be cured by cuts--at least if one listened to the MSM view of things then--only by Clinton's proposed tax hike.

The tax hike became reality and suddenly--poof!--the deficit talk vanished from the MSM.

So it is today with "recession". Everywhere you flip a page or channel in the MSM, the "recession" looms. It's reminiscent of the 1992 election, when "recession" and "hard times" dominated the airwaves--until Bill Clinton was elected.

Then all such talk disappeared.

The recession's become an obsession.

According to Robert Samuelson:
We are all waiting, it seems, for the next recession. Everyone knows that the business cycle hasn't been repealed, and so another recession is inevitable sooner or later. Some indicators now suggest that it might be sooner. The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index has declined for three straight months. In March, 30 percent of respondents said jobs are "plentiful"; now that's only 24 percent. All this inspires much hand-wringing and foreboding, because in our political and media culture a recession is regarded as a calamity, or something close to it.

Amy Menefee, managing editor of the Business & Media Institute, discussed the media's obsession with recession on "Fox & Friends" on April 2.

Obsession is "recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate and that cause marked anxiety or distress."

Do the Mainstream Media reporters and anchors and writers have a Recession Obsession?

Turn on a MSM channel or pick up a MSM print copy and then render your judgment.

One thing the MSM ought to keep in mind, though.

An obsession is a mental disorder.

by Mondoreb
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