Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Six Inch Heels: Celebrity Foot Fetishes

Most women think, how far could I walk in those shoes. Most men think, who the hell cares?

Victor Beckham - The higher the heels, the lower the IQ?

Six-inch heels used to be just for hookers, but thanks to shoe designers and celebrities, women are now the newest 6-inchers, strutting their stuff out on the streets.

The woman with absolutely no redeeming qualities who's in competition to be the "most photographed" woman in the world.

Christina Aquilera performs a delicate balancing act.

Madonna and her six-inch "lethal" heels

Six-inch heels, not your Mama's shoes. Cause Mama was smarter.

Gwyneth Paltrow's bodyguard helps the poor lass navigate the stairs in her six-inchers.

Kate Beckinsale and her six-inch beach heels

How we love celebrities. Without them we'd be forced to wear those "utilitarian" 4-inch heels. Now we're free to romp in six-inchers. Since current fashion trends always trickle down, we wonder how long before the girls in middle school will teeter-totter down the street in their own six-inch heels?

Image - High Heels
Image - Victoria Beckham
Image - Victoria Beckham
Image - Madonna
Source - Daily Mail - Gwyneth Paltrow's guide to wearing six-inch heels: employ a bodyguard to help you stay upright
Image - Kate Beckinsale

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