Sunday, April 27, 2008

To be twenty-one again.

One can finally legally partake of alcoholic beverages and serve your country.

Many do both.

But, in some locales, being twenty-one-years-old makes one too old to attend a prom. Such is the story of Jessica Pope and Francisco Velasco. Velasco is stationed at Ft. Lee, Va. and is too old to attend the prom at Jessica's high school.
Even though 18-year-old Jessica Pope of Glendale Heights spent $125 on her prom dress and her Marine boyfriend got leave to be her date, they won't be attending the prom at Glenbard East High School.

School officials have informed Pope that since Francisco Velasco, is 21, he is too old to attend the function Saturday night. Principal Robert McBride says the main reason is that 21 is the legal age for alcohol consumption.

Velasco, who is stationed at Fort Lee, Va. received permission from his superiors to fly to Chicago for the weekend just for the dance, but since he can't attend, Pope has decided to skip the function.

Consolation prize: the school district has refunded the cost of Jessica's prom tickets and says it will reimburse her for her dress.

Support the troops.

Except on Prom Night in Glendale Hgts, IL.

[NOTE: The original story referred to Robert Velasco as a Marine; however, it's the Army that is at Ft. Lee, Virginia.]

by Mondoreb
image: DBKP
Source: Marine boyfriend too old for Prom

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