Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unusual Architecture: The "Sideways" House

Original "Sideways" House built in 1962 by Herve Moutard

We love unusual architecture and this house, called the Sideways House, is such an example.

Built in 1962 by Herve Moutard on the small island of Stomgrog, the house was designed in part to withstand the strong winds of the North Sea that regularly buffet the island and to turn architecture "on it's side" in the words of Moutard who spent eight years working on the original concept and now lives in the house with his wife, Hilaria.

"Some thought we were fools to undertake such a project," Moutard said, "but my wife and I loved the island and wanted to retain its vision, that of unique architecture which worked with the elements."

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