Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worst Writer in America: Mark Morford?

Gaining knowledge is a circuitous thing.

How many times have readers went looking for a particular nugget of knowledge on the Internet, only to find something completely different from what was searched for originally?

Looking for bits and pieces from The Posthumous Luger's improbable engineering projects, another completely different post there was discovered there.

The title proved irresistible: "The Worst Writer in America". So, we'll save the engineering piece for another day.

In the TPL's opinion, the title of "WWiA" goes to Mark Morford, of the San Francisco Chronicle. Now, as can be expected from its location, the Chronicle is reliably left and Morford is apparently the Chronicle's "fun and crazy guy"--if "fun and crazy guys" were eternally pissed-off about most things American.

Here's TPL's take:
Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle. I simply can not find a more loathsome combination of content and writing style in a mainstream American publication.

Each column begins with a 12-comma rant of hatred, followed by a few hundred words of justification, then ends with an “it’s all tripe, anyway” signoff – as if even he can not stomach another moment of his work. He’s the guitar-smashing opening act — desperate to be relevant, but dreadfully aware of his mediocrity. So he acts out, stomps off-stage, hoping the attitude shows how little he cares what you think.

After checking out a couple MM columns, we'd have to say that TPL's assessment is a fairly gracious assessment.

The title of Morford's latest column is "Free Tibet? Hell, free America! Support the humble monks? You bet. But oh, let's not forget our own wonderfully abundant atrocities". Absent among the things Morford lists as atrocities is his column. One sample of Left humor:
Overall, even under the deformed and wretched Bush regime and despite how much Dick Cheney's dead raisin of a heart leaps with excitement when he sees the videos of those bloodied and dead Tibetan protesters ("Damn hippies had it coming"), America is still far from the brutality and inhumanity happening right now in Lhasa and beyond.

Later in the same piece, Morford channels Pat Buchanan. He would probably be mortified to discover that this next paragraph could've been lifted word-for-word from any daily Buchanan rant.
We are all but officially in a recession, deepening by the day. China and Japan own the vast majority of America's staggering debt, in the form of massive loans with equally massive interest rates, and if their economies so much as sneeze, we're basically screwed. Check that: more screwed.

That's all the time we had for M. Morford.

So we gained some knowledge in a roundabout way.

Knowledge of who possibly might be the worst writer in America.

Knowledge that will be put to use the next time we're in danger of stumbling across a Morford rant.

Who do you think is the "Worst Writer in America"?

Present company excluded.

by Mondoreb
* The Worst Writer in America
* Free Tibet? Hell, free America! Support the humble monks? You bet. But oh, let's not forget our own wonderfully abundant atrocities

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