Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alien Video: Man Claims He Has Peeping Tom Alien

One man claims aliens have been stalking him, even resorting to "peeping" in his windows. Stan Romanek says he caught an alien peeping tom pervert on video while an expert claims the "shot" is "real".

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Jerry Hoffman, a veteran film editor, has tested the film and found that the shot was "originally recorded on that tape".

The origin of the video is from one Stan Romanek, who purportedly wanted to catch a "peeping tom" in 2003 when he lived in Nebraska. It seems that this wasn't Romanek's "first" encounter of the "Third Kind". You see, Stan seems to be one of those people who "attract" UFO's.

According to Stan's internet site, Stan's first encounter occurred in 2000 where Stan caught a glimpse of a UFO hovering near Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater. Stan claims that in 2001 he and his girlfriend were followed by a UFO through two and a half states on a road trip, Romanek's first incident of "alien" stalking. Nineteen days later Stan saw another UFO after a customer spotted one hovering over his retail store.

Stan also reported that he had mysterious marks on his body after the retail sighting and that a mere ten days later the aliens were back stalking him once again, when pesky extraterrestials used a spotlight to illuminate his van.

In 2005 Stan says he and wife encountered mysterious orbs who, upon being photographed, revealed faces.

In 2007 while Stan was walking to a rented RV he spied his pesky alien stalkers hanging out in the sky above him.

Now Stan has a documentary which purportedly shows the video we've posted above. Stan claims the "Stan Romanek case" is the "most scientifically documented human/extraterrestrial encounters in the world". Stan also claims he's had "well over 100 unique experiences" including being abducted.

We posted the video of the purported "peeping tom" alien above. As for Stan and his stalking aliens, luckily for him they seem content to merely stalk and peep in his windows while his "abduction" seems to have been short term as Stan is still here on planet Earth.

Stan hasn't reported any alien "home invasion" attempts, aliens stealing his mail, or trampling his tulips. Alien stalking hasn't been addressed by any type of Federal statutes. It would take a ruling by the InterGalactic Courts, some sort of Space and Time Continuum Restraining Order to address Stan's claims of alleged stalking and abduction by the aliens. After all, there's two sides to every story, and until the aliens have their chance to address Stan's charges, we'd rather err on the side of "innocent until proven guilty".

You never know, the aliens may have their own "video" footage of Stan.


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