Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Austrian Father, Sex Slave Daughter: DBKP Library of Stories

All DBKP stories and videos about the singularly bizarre case of Joseph Fritzl, the Austrian father who held his daughter captive in a basement dungeon--built with the help of a government grant--for 24 years. Kept as a sex slave and raped by her father, Elizabeth Fritzl fathered seven children by him.

UPDATED: May 7, 2008
DBKP Joseph Fritzl stories:
* Real Life X-file: Man Locked Daughter Away for 24 Years as a Sex Slave
* Austrian Father Who Locked Sex Slave Daughter in Basement for 24 Years: New Details Emerge
* Father Who Locked His Daughter in Basement 24 Years: TV, Note Play Part in Escape
* Father who Held Daughter Captive 24 Years: Prior Sex Assault Alleged
* Father Who Held Sex Slave Daughter in Basement 24 Yrs: Govt Grant Used for Dungeon
* Austrian Father Threatened Basement Captive Sex-Slave Daughter with “Gas Chamber”
* Austrian Father Forced Sex-Slave Daughter to Build Own Prison
* Austrian Man Who Kept Daughter Sex-Slave: Another Man May be Involved
* Austrian Man Who Held Sex-Slave Daughter: "I am No Monster!"

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