Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bongs: Teens Steal Skull From Graveyard

Drug culture icons, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Three Kingwood Texas teens are under arrest for digging up an abandoned grave and stealing a skull to use as a bong. According to ABC13 News , the three boys vandalized the grave of an eleven year old boy who died in 1921 in an abandoned cemetery. They've been charged with misdemeanors, abuse of a corpse, while the police have yet to locate the skull.

Industrial Strength Bong

The word bong is an adaptation of Thai word baung , meaning a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo stem. The Thai word passed into the English language during the Vietnam War when five American military bases were located in Thailand. Soldiers used to pick up habbits from villagers including smoking cannabis in a Thai kind of pipe called baung. Later the word baung was transformed into bong and brought back to America with troops. Source -

Bongs are also known as water pipes and are used for smoking substances such as pot or tobacco. Smoke "bubbles" through the water chamber, building up a large quantity of smoke then cooling it before it reaches the smoker's lungs.

How to use a bong from "Bong" Expert:

Steps to lighting up a bowl and smoking it:

  1. Flick your Bic and hold the lighter right above the bowl.
  2. Start sucking. The flame should pull down onto the bowl.
  3. Continue lighting until you feel a little smoke in your lungs.
  4. Stop lighting, and take you finger off the carb/pull the stem out of the bong.
  5. Inhale deeply, and the smoke should rush into your lungs.
  6. Pull away from the bong and INHALE. This is the part that gets you high.
  7. Exhale the smoke out of your lungs.
That is how you smoke a bong. It may not make much sense now but it will when you start using a bong more often. Source - How to Use a Bong

Gerry Gives A Lesson in Smoking a Bong while coughing up his lung.

Bongs, devices to smoke dope, used by some who could be labeled as dopes such as the three teens who vandalized a grave in order to steal a skull from a body to use as a bong, or Gerry, the geriatric giant bong smoker, where one wonders about the current state of his lungs.


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Image - The Furry Freak Brothers
Image - Industrial Strength Bong

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