Thursday, May 1, 2008

"CIA" Agent Shot by Houston Police: Death by Cop Suicide?

New details have emerged in the case of the man shot by Houston Police officers after a high speed chase on Tuesday morning near the Galleria. Was it a case of suicide by cop?

Suicide By Cop

1. "Suicide by Cop" is a police colloquialism for a form of victim- precipitated homicide in which a suicidal individual engages in calculated, life-threatening and criminal behavior in order to compel the police to use deadly force.

In these killings, the initiator is a direct, positive precipitator of his or her own death.

2. "Suicide by Cop" is an act whereby a person presents a threat to a police officer in order to compel the officer or officers to use deadly force to stop that threat. The result is a suicide at the hands of a police officer. Source -

The strange saga of Carnaby's life as well as his death have authorities searching for clues as to who Carnaby was and why he acted in a manner that lead to his death on the streets of Houston this past Tuesday morning.

Carnaby was pulled over on a routine traffic stop Tuesday morning on Texas 288 near Orem. The officers claim that when Carnaby produced a laminated CIA identification badge he appeared "shaky" and "nervous". When Carnaby took off he led the police on an hour long chase with speeds over 100 mph that eventually ended in an area near the Galleria, an upscale shopping mall.

Purportedly Carnaby refused to acknowledge the officers nor put his hands up. After the cops smashed his passenger side window he “stepped out of the vehicle, turned around and reached under the seat” according to Houston Police Sgt. John Chomiak. It was then that the officers, fearing for their safety, opened fire on Carnaby. He was later pronounced dead at Ben Taub hospital.

HPD discovered three weapons in the car, two pistols and a shotgun. Carnaby had permits for all three. The shotgun rested on the floor of the back seat with its safety off and a round in the chamber. Interestingly the first news reports stated that the cops were unable to find any weapons in the vehicle, that it wasn't until Carnaby's Jeep SUV was confiscated that authorities claim they found the three weapons.

Friends of Carnaby were shocked at his death, they believed Carnaby was a member of the CIA or an "intelligence" agent and that his death by the cops was unfathomable. On Wednesday DBKP wrote about Carnaby, that the man was engaged to be married.

According to the Houston Chronicle, we've learned that Carnaby also had a wife, Susan, in Pearland, Texas. Susan, who said she hadn't seen her husband since March, was amazed that her husband was in Houston and not out "traveling", so was the news that Carnaby also had a "fiancee".

We did some internet research on Ronald V. Carnaby and we found some interesting information on a blog that purportedly did a "news piece" on Ronald, his supposed "multi-million dollar company" that dealt with the CIA ,his "partner" former CIA operative, Alan Premel, and another surprise, the mention of former CIA number two guy, James Pavitt.

The blog is called Papparazzi Press, there's no background info listed with this blog other than it's hosted by Blogger. The article is titled: Covert Operations & Pornagraphy.

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