Friday, May 30, 2008

Harvey Korman: TV's Top Second Banana

Harvey Korman (left) as Hedley Lamarr hamming it
up with Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles

We wanted to write a piece on the passing of one of the greatest actor-comedians of our time, Harvey Korman.

Governor William J. Le Petomane: Thank you, Hedy, thank you
Hedley Lamarr: It's not *Hedy*, it's *Hedley*. Hedley Lamarr.
Governor William J. Le Petomane: What the hell are you worried about? This is 1874. You'll be able to sue *her*.

Harvey was a hoot, whatever character he played, he played with panache. From the Hedley Lamarr in the 1974's Blazing Saddles and Dr. Charles Montague in 1977's High Anxiety to Carol Burnett's eleven year sidekick in the Carol Burnett Show, Harvey made us laugh, not only at the antics of Korman but at his own apparent mirth. You could tell, Harvey and his cohorts in comedy had a great time working together as Harvey Korman was the quintessential ham.

Korman died Thursday at age 81. He won four Emmys for his work on the Carol Burnett Show. He worked in films, television, and comedy shows, most notably a tour with another comedy genius, Tim Conway, who also starred on the Carol Burnett Show. A spin off was born from Burnett's show, Momma's Family, Korman played the put-upon Ed. But it was his eleven years as second banana on the Carol Burnett Show which delighted fans each week with Korman's cheeky comedic parts.

"You have to have a certain persona to be a star, you know, and I don't have that. I'm a banana." Harvey Korman
Korman starred in the Carol Burnett Show from 1967 to 1978 in 137 shows. Whether he was Max from Norma Desmond is Dead or Rhett Butler in a hilarious spoof of Gone With the Wind, Korman was the best second banana to ever grace the TV stage.

Korman played each character with an over-the-top flair which lent itself to the overall hilarity of one of TV's greatest comedy shows.

We're gonna miss Harvey Korman. We're eternally grateful that we're left with the prolific talents of this comedic master on film. We're sure wherever Harvey is, he's having a blast doing what he did best, making em laugh.

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