Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Illegal Immigration and the Jobs Americans Will Not Do

The jobs Americans won't do.

This was a prime reason for the non-enforcement of America's immigration and border. The entire sentence should have been, "The jobs Americans won't do for less."

At one time, it was a staple of the Wall Street Journal editorial page, usually a bastion of right thinking in a sea of Mainstream Media flapdoodle. The Journal could have struck a stand that encompassed both it's pro-business interest and it's normal adherence to conservative principles.

But in the case of illegal immigration, the WSJ threw in with the Democrats and RINOs. That's one reason the WSJ no longer speaks for conservatives on this particular issue. The Journal's illegal immigration pieces could easily have written by Time, Newsweek or any other dying, discredited left-leaning rag.


Jobs Americans Won’t Do?

Or jobs Americans can’t get hired for?

Or jobs Americans won't do for less?

That's the subject(s) of this week's Blogs4Borders blogburst video.

A government which asks its citizens to sacrifice in the name of "homeland security", while at the same time, does not enforce border security, is suffering from a disconnect with the ultimate political reality.

Hinting that Americans are lazy or greedy--"the jobs Americans won't do--is a poor substitute for enforcing the border laws.

by Mondoreb
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