Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jennifer Moss: Pastie Lady Leaving Ojai for Oregon

Jennifer Moss, the "Pastie Lady", who pedaled her bicycle up and down the streets of Ojai, CAL, wearing only pasties and a bikini bottom, to draw attention--she claims--to earth issues, is moving north.

To Oregon, to be exact.

The environmental exhibitionist is going to colder climes and, she's hoping, an area more hospitable to her unique discussion of environmental problems.
Jennifer Moss, 32, caused community strife and gained local celebrity for the bike rides she took daily through the center of town, clad only in a hemp G-string and pasties.

But last week, she said she'd grown tired of police harassment in the Ventura County city of 8,000, and moved to Ashland, Ore.

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* Jennifer Moss, Pastie Lady: Environmental Exhibitionist Too Liberal for Liberal Town

Moss ought to be thinking of branching out--especially in a new locale.

Maybe she should see if she can add a pole to her bike.

by Mondoreb
source: Ojai's Pastie Lady Heads for Oregon

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