Friday, May 30, 2008

Larry Sinclair, Obama Accuser: Drastic Drop in Youtube Visits

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Numbers don't lie, at least the total number of visits or clicks on a video on Youtube. We took a look at the videos posted by Obama accuser Larry Sinclair and number of visits for each video and found "the awful truth": after months of posting various videos on Youtube of his sordid allegations--that he and Senator Obama shared illegal drugs and illicit sex back in 1999-- Sinclair has failed to capitalize on his initial windfall and has not held the public's interest.

Sinclair posted his first video on Youtube back on January 18. In the video Sinclair detailed his allegations against Senator Barack Obama, that he and the then state senator partied in the back of a limo rented by Sinclair in November 0f 1999, that they shared gay sex and illegal drugs and that they spent time at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois. To date on Youtube there's been 881,993 visits.

Sinclair posted a second series of videos, "Obama's Sex and Drug Party", on February 5th. Sinclair has Parts 2, 3, and 4 posted on Youtube. We're not sure what happened to, or if there was, a Part 1.

Total numbers of visits for Part 2: 214,740.
Part 3: 25,201
Part 4: 25,209

Sinclair's next video, Larry's Sinclair's Fighting On, was posted on Youtube on February 28. Total number of visits: 9,953

On March 5, Sinclair posted a short video titled, "I Blew Obama" which has drawn 26,861 visits.

Sinclair's next video, Obama's Attorney on SuperXClusivo Pt 2, was posted on April 11. Total number of visits: 2885

On May 12 Sinclair posted "Video Statement of Larry Sinclair" during which Sinclair claims he has received death threats and personal attacks against him and his family. Total number of visits: 10,272

Sinclair's latest video was posted May 29. In the "DNC Plays Stupid" video Sinclair visits the offices of the DNC in Washington, D.C.. Total number of visits: 2,281

Despite the fact that Sinclair's first video back in January pulled in over 880,000 visits, Sinclair's second video, which was posted on February 5th in 3 parts, showed a rather rapid decline in those wishing for further information in the Larry Sinclair-Obama saga. The total number of visits dropped precipitously from 881,193 to 214,740 for the first video in the series.

The numbers continued to spiral downward, from Part 2 to Part 3 of the same series saw a drop from 214,74o to 25,201 which meant that a little over ten percent who watched part 2 went on to watch parts 3 and 4.

The next video, a little over 8 minutes long, "Larry Sinclair's Fighting On" garnered even less interest with 9,952 views. Sinclair then posted his "I Blew Obama" video which saw some gains in views, up to 26,861, but then interest went limp with a mere 2,885 views of the SuperXClusivo video.

Larry's latest missive, his video posted yesterday, DNC Plays Stupid, has 2,885 visits. We've decided to leave the latest out because it's only been posted a day but his "Video Statement of Larry Sinclair" posted on May 12 has a mere 10,272 visits. This means that even though Larry's first video garnered over three quarters of a million visits, his latest "video statement" has failed to generate less than a little over 1 percent in follow-up traffic.

If Larry were pedaling a product, say banana nut bread, and sold almost a million loaves on his initial startup four months ago yet his follow up sales were less than one percent what judgment is one left to make?

Youtube numbers do not lie, at least in the total number of visits to a video. Larry Sinclair has posted a total of nine videos on Youtube since January 18th. Sinclair's first video was a smash success with over three-quarter million views yet the public's curiosity rapidly piqued. There were no secret codes nor handshakes to view all nine of Larry's videos, merely a spontaneous lack of interest. After almost five months of nine videos and constant self-promotion, Sinclair has failed to capitalize on his Youtube windfall and hold the public's interest.


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