Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Blessings and Britain's Boy Boobs

by Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

This weekend, the country mourns our fallen soldiers. Without them its very possible our lives would mirror those poor souls in Burma, or worse. Thank God for our country, our soldiers and our way of life. I count my blessings every day. Unfortunately, there are those that don't appreciate how very blessed we are to live in the greatest country in the world.

I'm referring to the liberal media. A resounding Shame On Them for their continuing refusal to inform the American people of the progress our soldiers and the Iraqi people are bringing about in Iraq. Just because they don't report it doesn't mean there isn't plenty of:


Just released military figures show that violence in Iraq has fallen to its lowest level in more than four years.

Iraqi soldiers have been successful in dismantling al-Qaeda's network in Mosul, which was regarded by the U.S. as the jihadists' last urban bastion. The U.S. ambassador to Iraq just stated that al-Qaeda has never been closer to defeat. What does all this mean? It means we're winning. Which is probably why this news was buried by the old media. (all above links are to foreign newspapers)

Fox News continues to defy the old media. As a result, for the first time, Fox network has finished the season as the most-watched network overall, with its 11.1 million viewers beating out traditional leader CBS, who logged only 10.5 million. I'm smiling.

More good news in the 'unintended consequences' file. Afghan farmers are capitalising on soaring food costs by planting wheat instead of poppy crops. A fall in heroin prices is further fuelling the switch. Looks like the market is succeeding where governments have failed.

Our neighbors in Canada are finally set to deport in June the first of possibly hundreds of American soldiers who deserted and fled to Canada in order to avoid military service in Iraq. Good deal.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has just signed a bill aimed at providing low-cost health coverage to the uninsured by allowing the sale of stripped down insurance policies. Baby steps, Baby steps. In South Carolina, a high school principal has resigned on principle. He chose to quit rather than continue at Irmo High following a demand to launch a student club to promote homosexuality.

31,000 scientists have stepped up, including more than 9,000 PhD's, and signed a petition rejecting the global warming agenda. This didn't faze San Francisco. Their Quality Management District is set to vote in an unprecedented business 'pollution' tax in a "move meant to help slow global warming." My butt.


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld a ruling that paper money discriminates against the blind.

485 U.S. cities have increased their sales tax rate in 2007, representing the largest annual expansion in the last four years. California is considering a 25% tax on pornography in order to solve their budget shortfall and Mass. Governor Deval Patrick has hiked his office budget by 80% in order to fund new staff positions like "Director of Grassroots Governance" and pump millions into an extravagant "civic engagement" program.

Even my former hero, Arnold has caved into big government. In Gov. Schwarzenegger's first four years, the total bill for state workers' salaries jumped by 37 percent, compared with a 5 percent increase in the preceding four years under Gov. Gray Davis. No terminator, he.

Believe it or not, Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) has proposed that the government establish a "Reasonable Profits Board" in which the government would decide whether or not a company's profits are 'excessive.' Words fail me.

Last but not least, the UN took time off from renovating their New York headquarters and monitoring 'racism' in the U.S., to send off 220,000 condoms to the sick and starving cyclone victims in Myanmar. Let's hear it for global governance.


The Luddites are winning: High gas prices have driven a Warren County farmer and his sons to hitch their tractor to a pair of mules to gather hay from their farm. Stay tuned.

Four Hispanic families are suing St. Annes' Catholic School over a policy that requires students to speak English while at school. A new prayer book has come out which removes male descriptions of God such as King, Father and Lord. Instead, they have used 'gender neutral terms.' God.

Speaking of God, church attendance in Britain is falling so fast that the number of regular churchgoers will be fewer than those attending mosques, within a generation. Also in the UK, single women and lesbian mothers won landmark parental rights as MP's voted to remove the requirement that fertility clinics consider a child's need for a father.

Oh, and Britain is experiencing a growing problem: boy-boobs. Overweight boys with fat breasts. Not to worry, surgery is available to reduce them, thus saving the self-esteem of these little piggies. America's efforts to raise the self-esteem of kids in govenment schools has resulted in a handful of schools nationwide changing failure from 0 to 50, by giving minimum scores of 50 (instead of zero) for students who fail. I'm forced again to state the obvious: self-esteem can't be taught or granted, it must be earned.

Meanwhile, the European Court has agreed to rule on whether or not a chimpanzee should be granted human rights. I'm not making this stuff up.


The Washington Times has made each of the 58,000 names on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial searchable, a place where you can add personal stories. Thank-you, Washington Times.

Fox News is offering two web sites that help track gas prices nationally and also find the best values near you. Thank-you Fox.

RightBias is offering a Memorial Day special. This 1 minute video shows Obama, in his own words, outlining his military policies, should he become our next president. Enough to scare your socks off.


This honor goes to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) During a grilling of oil executives by a House panel, good old Maxine threatened to nationalize the oil industry if it didn't do something about the rising prices at the pump.

Till next Monday, keep smiling.

by Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and a news editor for
She lives in South Carolina, where she writes "Culture Watch" weekly.

Article may be reprinted with attribution. Bio available on request.

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Source: Culture Watch, Volume 15

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