Friday, May 9, 2008

Real or Fake Ghosts on Film: You be the Judge

It's Friday Night Ghost Hunter Theater.

With the advent of surveillance cameras, ghost hunters armed with thermal imaging cameras, and the occasional "Average Joe" who happens to find an unexpected "visitor" pop up in a video, more and more people are claiming they have captured the image of a ghost.

We've chosen some videos that seem to be the real thing. Are these actual videos and thermal images of the paranormal?

You be the judge.

Roto-Rooter guys by day, ghost hunters by night, our favorite paranormal investigators, TAPS.

Do ghosts go for walks in the neighborhood?

This ghost seems to be looking for something in the car impound lot.

Creepy Japanese Video. Very creepy.

How unusual. A ghost who wears a colorful gown and likes to hover like a hummingbird.

Hope you enjoyed DBKP's Friday Night Ghost Hunter Theater. Now let's all go to the lobby and get ourselves a snack.


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