Saturday, May 3, 2008

Roland Carnaby: Man shot by Houston Police, Attorney Says it was an "Assassination"

The wife of Roland Carnaby, the mysterious man who claimed he was an "intelligence officer" with the CIA who was shot dead by the Houston Police after a high-speed chase, has filed a lawsuit claiming the police "violated" Carnaby's civil rights.

The suit, filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Houston, claims the HPD officers "violated Carnaby's right to protection from unreasonable search and seizure and his right to due process".

Carnaby life and death at age 52 was thrust into the limelight on Tuesday morning when he was pulled over on Texas 288 near Orem for speeding. It was when Carnaby produced a CIA "badge" that Carnaby now had less than an hour to live, that he would wind up dead along the side of the road near the Galleria Mall. Carnaby's attorney, Kenneth Booten, said Carnaby's death had a "smell factor".

"All of this has a smell factor," Brooten said. "What was the justification for the use of deadly force? Was this man a felon that was fleeing the scene of an armed robbery? Had he pulled a gun on them previously? That's a public policy issue. That affects every person who drives around Houston or lives there."
Booten also said Carnaby's death was an assassination.
"All of this other stuff (about Carnaby's mysterious life) is all very interesting, but it is of no consequence when you consider a man is dead and he died handcuffed and nobody tried to stop the bleeding or anything," Brooten said. "You know what you call that? You call that an assassination."

According to the Houston Chronicle, when the patrolman who pulled Carnaby over decided to verify whether Carnaby's CIA badge was real, Carnaby then used his cell phone to contact an acquaintance, someone who worked in the Houston Police Department Internal Affairs.

The officer who pulled him over asked Carnaby for the number to contact at the CIA to verify employment and the name of Carnaby's supervisor. Carnaby wasn't able to provide any answers. Instead Carnaby chose to call one of his "buddies" at HPD's Internal Affairs.

DBKP is not sure what his "buddy" told the patrol officer. The officer, still suspicious of the "CIA" badge, contacted HPD's criminal investigation and major defender division and was told that Carnaby was not a real CIA agent. The officer was also told to "find something to arrest Carnaby on" that he couldn't arrest the man just for speeding.

We're not sure but shouldn't impersonating a CIA officer be an "arrestable" offense"?

When the officer discovered Carnaby had a permit to carry a concealed weapon but had not shown it, the officer asked Carnaby to step out of his vehicle. It was then that Carnaby took off.

Carnaby's attorney maintains a "paranoia" defense of his dead client claiming Carnaby, a "professional" had reasons to believe he was being "set-up" by the cops.

"Maybe he thought he was being set up. That's speculation only," he said. "The answer is no, I don't know. But there are multiple reasons why an experienced professional would feel threatened. And given the actions after the shooting, maybe his instinct was correct."

We find this is rather interesting as the CIA has issued a statement denying Carnaby has ever worked for the agency, not even as a "contract" employee. It might behoove Booten to verify if his client was indeed a CIA agent or that he was a long-term fake and fraud who had woven a series of lies, falsehoods, and strategic friendships in order to bolster his fake CIA persona.

Carnaby's final actions, of running from the cops after the officer refused to let him go after he had flashed a "CIA" badge does not denote a "professional". Carnaby had assiduously worked for years building up "friendships" in the intelligence arena. Carnaby was the President of an Intelligence organization, Association for Intelligence Officers. We're still not sure whether the organization whose headquarters are in Washington, D.C. verified whether its members are bonafide.

DBKP found a website that had an "article" written about Carnaby. We pasted an entire post from the site because of fears the site may "disappear". We've wondered why the MSM hasn't investigated the info posted about Carnaby.

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