Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 WWE Draft Report

So, big doings on last night's RAW with the 2008 Draft. Not surprisingly, RAW got the better end of the deal. Since it's the flagship WWE show that was pretty much a given. However, the draft was a dead giveaway for what's going to happen at the Night of Champions PPV. HHH will retain the title and go to Smackdown, if he doesn't get traded back to RAW again. Edge will lose to Batista and Batista takes that title to RAW.

I'm glad they kept the Hardy's on separate brands, but Matt Hardy to ECW? He's about as extreme as wheat toast. Then again, it's still not the real ECW. And yes, I will bring that up every time--thanks for asking. I thought Umaga would have been a better fit for ECW than Matt Hardy.

Speaking of Hardys: if HHH stays on Smackdown, I hope they do a program with Jeff Hardy and HHH. Even with Jeff''s past transgressions, he's over with the crowd like crazy and deserves a chance at the title.

The HBK/Y2J angle went pretty much the way I thought it should. However, they need to make Shawn Michaels' 'injuries' more traumatic to really have impact. When HBK hit his face on the table, it made him look like the most fragile man in the world. If you want to see how to really make an impact with a fake eye injury, look up how Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman did it back in the original ECW. At least they let the heel (Jericho) go out on top. That's how you get the fans to keep coming back.

They'll pay to see the villain get his comeuppance.

Who is more boring on the mic, Randy 'Sominex' Orton or 'Talentless' Ted DiBiase Jr.?

Then, a pretty solid show turned into another typical WWE crapfest with the set collapsing on Vince McMahon. The last time they did an angle like this was right before Chris Benoit killed his family. You'd think they'd stay away from angles like this, just because of the history.

Anyway, I personally would like to see the angles revolve around the
wrestling--and not the soap opera.

by Trench Reynolds
images: Trench Network

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