Thursday, June 5, 2008

Act Now: Senate Voting on 1.2 Trillion Dollar Climate Security Act

Malicious Legislation Watch
Climate Security Act is about Neither

Only US Senators would have the overbearing arrogance--think Al Gore--to think that they can vote to change climate. But the Senate votes tomorrow on a piece of Buffoonery called the Climate Security Act.

Maybe the Senators attach a rider outlawing tornadoes and floods, while they're at it.

Tomorrow's Senate vote, which will cost every American THOUSANDS of dollars more--while accomplishing NOTHING. Instead of filing this under "Legislative Mischief", this bill needs to go into the "Malicious Legislation" file.

The Climate Security Act will affect neither climate nor security.

It will, however, affect your pocketbook in the almost confiscatory way that we've come to expect from the U.S. Congress. Your senator's "Green Moment" photo-op will cost Americans $1.2 trillion.

The U.S. Senate is right now teetering on the brink of passing a $1.2 trillion Carbon Tax that would trigger a sharp rise in gas prices, raise taxes and most assuredly cripple our economy. But that isn’t stopping Sen. Barbara Boxer from attempting to ramrod this incredibly irresponsible bill down the throats of unsuspecting Americans.

For your senators' phone number, go to SENATORS of the 110th Congress. Type in your state and your senators and their phone numbers will come up.

As related earlier in the week, the concern among astrophysicists--a group a little better informed than your average US Senator--is the COOLING of the planet, rather than warming ala Gore.

"Global Warming: New Sunspot Cycle May Mean The Iceman Cometh"

Scientific genius Barbara Boxer (D-CAlamity), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said in her opening statements, “My concern is just getting the bill out there. We’ve done that. From here on out, it’s up to each Senator to decide.”

It is far more effective to make a 1-800 call to your senators today than dig in your pocket for the mega-bucks this bill will extract from the average American tomorrow.

Liberals won't call.

Green Weenies won't call.

Obamaniacs won't call.

Somebody's gonna have to do it; it's gonna have to be YOU.

Unless you're not happy with the LOW price of gasoline and can't wait until it's $8 dollars a gallon and your electric bill is over $1000/month.

[NOTE: More info about flooding the Senators with faxes at]

If this bill passes, it's another jog down the road to US, and Western Civilization suicide.

But then again: Maybe they'll vote for it to stop snowing in January?

by Mondoreb

image: yuhreka
Source: Fax The Senate And Demand They Vote “NO” On Carbon Tax Scheme - Bigger, Better!.
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