Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Astrologers Predict "Volatile Planetary Forces" Will Influence Presidential Election

"With Saturn opposite Uranus on Election Day, the person elected on Election Day may not be the person who's inaugurated in January." Raymond Merriman, Astrologer

Fifteen hundred astrologers attended the United Astrology Conference in Denver, Colorado back in May. The consensus among a panel of seven astrologers was that Barack Obama would win the next election for President along with other more "ominous" predictions regarding the "presumptive nominee, election day, and the possible consequences of whomever is actually inaugurated as President. 

According to the Washington Times, astrologers looked at the "volatile planetary events in the next few months" which could affect the "presumptive" nominee of the Democratic National Convention. They're referring to Obama, whom the astrologers predicted "most likely to win" the next Presidential election. 

"I think there's a lot of unexpected things that are going to happen between now and the Democratic National Convention." Astrologer Robert Blaschke

The astrologers also predicted that the "presumptive" nominee may not be Obama by the time the Democratic Convention is held in August due to "volatile planetary events".

The astrologers looked at the planetary circumstances surrounding election day, how it had been 45 years since the last time Saturn opposed Uranus, which could portend "social change, transformation, and possibly upheaval". 

According to astrologer Raymond Merriman said the winner on election day may not be the same person inaugurated next January as President.  The astrologers also noted that the date of the Inauguration is "scheduled for a particularly bad time" planet-wise, and that astrologers were concerned for Senator Obama's safety. 

Here's a summary of what the astrologers have determined will unfold in the next few months in regards to the Presidential election:

The next few months will be "volatile", with perhaps the person who is the current "presumptive nominee" not being the actual person to accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention held in August. 

Saturn will oppose Uranus on election day. It's been 45 years since this last happened, it signifies "social change, transformation, and possibly upheaval". 

Astrologers believe that the person who is elected on election day may not be the same person to take the oath of office on Inauguration Day.

Whoever is inaugurated may face concerns for their "safety".

John McCain never entered the equation.

We're not quite sure why the astrologers focused solely on Obama and not Republican candidate John McCain in regards to the "volatile planetary forces" at work during the next few months. The astrologers focused more their favorite candidate, Barack Obama, whom they agree will win the election. 

Even so, we found the astrologer's predictions to be fascinating. It will be interesting to see if their forecasts hold true the next few months until the Democratic National Convention, the election, and then the Inauguration. The prediction concerning the safety of Senator Obama, if he is the person to be inaugurated into office, is troubling. As with all predictions its purpose could be to serve as warning that Senator Obama may need to take extra precautions and that those who are entrusted to protect him may need to undertake extra measures to ensure his safety. 

We look forward to the next few months and beyond to the inauguration in January to see if any of the predictions come true, if the planets really can foretell the future.


Source - Washington  Times - It's in the stars for Obama
Image - Hubble Photo
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