Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bufoon of the Week: Sharpton, Robertson Snag Honors

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So much buffoonery, so little time.

Who was the Buffoon of the Week and who just missed out? Let's take a look.

BUFFOON ALSO-RANS: The California Supreme Court

The Brave New Justices of the CSC ruled that gay marriage is not an oxymoron, but a legal right in California. By doing so, not only did the court overturn the laws of California and the will of the people, they overturned the collective wisdom of thousands of years of civilization as well. As Pat Buchanan put it, "Homosexual marriage is not in the California constitution, else someone would have discovered it in 160 years."

In a normal week, the California Supreme Court would have been the winner, hands-down.

The United Nations

The UN should automatically be in the running every week for its normal corruption and buffoonery. This week, they're mentioned because the organization finally announced that there is no AIDS epidemic outside of Africa.

Better late than never.

[NOTE: The U.N. could've qualified for it's Hate-finding mission to America (as reported by LGF), but they shouldn't feel bad: there's always next week.]

This week's Buffoons: A couple of buffoons on the Beach, shilling for Al Gore's PR front group, And who's better at shilling than a tele-evangelist and a race baiter?

Of course, we're referring to PAT ROBERTSON and AL SHARPTON, united in an appeal to save our planet.

The commercial make one wonder: what's taking the oceans so long to rise?

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