Friday, June 6, 2008

DBKP Blog Roundup: American Hitmen, Presidential Facebook and Domestic Camo

A wild-and-wooly roping together of some random things that caught the eye of one web surfer.

* Although she's liberal, she's funny. Barbara noticed that a certain Former President Updated His Facebook Profile after Hillary officially conceded.
Visitors to Mr. Clinton's profile page at Facebook noticed that minutes after Mrs. Clinton suspended her campaign, President Clinton updated his status from "Married" to "It's Complicated."

* Faultline USA uncorks on Obama, after asking Did Barack Obama Really Leave His Church?:
What is patently clear is that he really did not leave his church for any other reason than political expediency. The fact is that his resignation was done to save the church from further pain caused by his candidacy and to save his own candidacy!!! Or more likely, visa versa.

His leaving had nothing at all to do with why Americans have been in an uproar for months over his church.

Wouldn’t you just love to scream back at BO “It’s the hate-filled theology, stupid!”

* Babba Zee explores a new Wal-Mart in Michigan in "WalMart opens Halal Superstore in Dearbornistan":
The store offers a variety of fresh, frozen and prepackaged Middle Eastern food, as well as halal meat, which is located in a closed- off area of the meat section. A special aisle dedicated to international foods features items like hummus, tahini, jarred pickles and olives, and spices used in traditional Middle Eastern dishes.

* No Runny Eggs' The Morning Scramble for today has the following video and this intro:
The band is American Hitmen, 5 Marines who served in Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury, and the song is “Born Again” performed on the National Heroes Tour…

* Creative Loafing (The 941) has an interesting item to consider:
"As the drums of war continue beat for an attack on Iran, several Senators have quietly been warning President Bush that an attack could be grounds for impeachment."

The site that was linked to was down, but here it is for readers to try: Senators Threaten Impeachment over Iran Attack

* Little Green Footballs is all over the on-going Obama Media Mmmmwahh-fest, in "The Deification of the Democrats: Obama is a 'Lightworker'":
By now, most of the blogosphere knows that Mark Morford is one of the most venomous, hateful moonbats currently writing for a major US newspaper. But today he’s got a column you’re not going to believe, about the transcendent being we unenlightened ones know simply as “Barack Obama:” Is Obama an enlightened being? / Spiritual wise ones say: This sure ain’t no ordinary politician. You buying it?

* Doug Ross @Journal has this photo of protective adaptive coloration in action--or non-action in "What to Wear when your Wife has Chores for you":

Doug also provides photographic proof of a sparkling product by M. Moulitas:
"Markos Moulitas-brand White Strips".

That ought to keep one busy for a little while.

compiled by Mondoreb

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