Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Global Warming: Sunspot Cycle Means The Iceman Cometh

It was a curious exercise, watching environmentalists and weathermen turn Global Warming into a universal evil: the average temperature of the world is rather chilly.

Virtually all animals and plants do better in a warmer climate than a cooler one.

And not just because of the temperature: a warmer climate means more rain showers because water vapor increases. This also means less cyclonic storms, contrary to public perception.

But not to be deterred from turning a very active sunspot cycle into good news--in spite of record harvests throughout the world between 1995 and 2005--nut jobs, hysterics, Luddites, and opportunists have caused a world wide panic, blaming mankind for essentially warming the Eath by the release of Carbon Dioxide.

Albeit, the panic, so far, seems to be primarily among those of similar inclination--which unfortunately includes all 3 Presidential candidates, as well as every socialist government on the planet. As well as the scientific illiterates that make up the Mainstream Media...

Mob logic: "The issue is settled", "the argument is over"
and "scientific consensus".

But there was one group of scientists that was not panicking about global warming: The astrophysicists. However they were concerned--but for a different reason: they were aware that the convergence of sunspot cycles would be followed by a dearth.

Sunspot Cycle 24 had begun in 2007, and it began with the expected whimper they had predicted. A wimpy sun means cold. The nearly spotless sun of the last few months, coincident with La Nina, has accelerated the very mild cooling trend that commenced in the year 2000. So much so that all of the ice lost in the last 10 years in and about the arctic has been replaced.

Russia's largest icebreaker caught in ice attempting to take
Global Warming enthusiasts through the Northwest Passage.

The astrophysicists concern has now become concentrated.

"You probably haven’t heard much of Solar Cycle 24, the current cycle that our sun has entered, and I hope you don’t. If Solar Cycle 24 becomes a household term, your lifestyle could be taking a dramatic turn for the worse. "

As put by geophysicist Philip Chapman, a former NASA astronaut-scientist and former president of the National Space Society, “It is time to put aside the global warming dogma, at least to begin contingency planning about what to do if we are moving into another little ice age.”


"The consequences of the Little Ice Age, because they occurred in relatively recent times, have come down to us through literature and the arts as well as from historians and scientists, government and business records. When Shakespeare wrote of “lawn as white as driven snow,” he had first-hand experience – Europe was bitterly cold in his day, a sharp contrast to the very warm weather that preceded his birth. During the Little Ice Age, the River Thames froze over, the Dutch developed the ice skate and the great artists of the day learned to love a new genre: the winter landscape.

In what had been a warm Europe , adaptations were not all happy: Growing seasons in England and Continental Europe generally became short and unreliable, which led to shortages and famine. These hardships were nothing compared to the more northerly countries: Glaciers advanced rapidly in Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and North America, making vast tracts of land uninhabitable. The Arctic pack ice extended so far south that several reports describe Eskimos landing their kayaks in Scotland. Finland’s population fell by one-third, Iceland’s by half, the Viking colonies in Greenland were abandoned altogether, as were many Inuit communities."

So, as the leopard lost it's spots, so has sol. And that can be a very serious manner. But well in line with "Generals who prepare for the last war", our intrepid U.S. Senate--a body that exudes more hot gas than any herd of cows in a feed lot--has begun to debate the merits of taxing carbon emissions.

At the very time we may need them!

Yes. We may have to increase emissions to warm ourselves up.

by pat

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