Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GreeNazi Magazine a Must for Eco Militants

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Two months and three days ago, we "celebrated" something called Earth Day.

The KG3, in the person of Irony Curtain, was there to cover the shenanigans. One result is above: GreeNazi magazine.

Who or what are The KG3? And why? Some say they are an ad hoc group of cagey party misfits "putting the toil in toilet humor." Others suspect this troika was selected for its commitment to outstanding production. Do not be ridiculous. But perhaps the masses have the right to know why The KG3s efforts merit a separate category when they are not even children of elite Party members? Perhaps it is not wise to ask too many questions.

As the GreeNazi cover suggests, "Recycle! Reuse one page of this issue to wipe yourself!"

At last, a Green publication we can get behind.

by Mondoreb
powered by: Irony Curtain of the KG3
Image/source: Green Nazi magazine: Earth Day issue

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